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IMPORTANT:  This page is for educational purposes only. It is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity or physical condition.  Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program necessarily must involve an individual’s acceptance of some risk, and no one should assume otherwise.  Persons needing medical care should obtain it from a physician.  Consult your doctor before making any health decision. 

Summary of Natural Cancer Treatments

(For liver cancer I would disregard the first option Niacin, because it’s hard on the liver. At least until the liver would have mostly recovered.)

Here is what I would do to treat myself if I would be fighting cancer, in order of importance: (Although many people will skip Niacin due to discomfort, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from exploring the other options.

1 Niacin *** (Unless the liver is damaged)  Be sure to warn about the flush effect before suggesting anyone try this. Flushing is turning red, itchiness and feeling heat. It’s not dangerous and passed in between 20-40 minutes for most people and a couple of hours for the most sensitive. Not dangerous! Overdosing Niacin is a different effect. It’s mainly nausea, headaches but pass quickly and are not dangerous either. Other forms of Niacin (other than Nicotinic acid) though are dangerous. Doctors should know if you’re taking this. They should be following liver enzyme levels. If they refused to check the enzymes. As per Dr Hoffer’s advice, I would take it anyway!

In the form of nicotinic acid alone, other forms can damage the liver. 1 gram, during the meal, 3 times per day. (There are other vitamins accompaniments). Doses should be built up very slowly in 50mg increments to see how sensitive one is to Niacin.

According to the Canadian Dr. Abram Hoffer:

Here is where I order my niacin from:

Niacin 500mg 1000 pills for 24$ (enough for over 5 months)

Rugby Niacin (as Nicotinic Acid) 1000 tablets 500mg

I recently found this naturally slow releasing Niacin, still in nicotinic acid form, but wrapped in wax layers so you digest it slowly and don’t get the heavy flush effects. It’s more expensive but easy to take:

Enduracin 750mg naturally slow release niacin

Be sure to read about the flush first!!!

2, ascorbic acid orally

Pure ascorbic acid:

I would take 80 to 90% of the dose that would cause diarrhea
(Indicating tolerance), diluted in a water bottle, a litre and a half distributed as slowly as possible during the day. Half life in the body is 30 minutes, so any one dose is mostly gone in 2 hours. (70% of what causes gurgling in the gut would suffice for maintenance doses). Please don’t use tap water as that oxidizes the vitamin C very quickly. Prefer bottled or well filtered.

According to the American Dr. Robert Cathcart:
Vitamin C Dosage


GMO Free Vitamins sells Vitamin C here:
They’ve been making this available since 2013 at half the price of the vitamin C foundation, for the exact same Ultra Fine ascorbic acid made by DSM in Dalry Scotland. It’s made from Non GMO corn grown in the UK and is safe for people with corn allergies. There’s a small discount for cases of 12 (40$/lb instead of 45, shipping is included).

3 Sodium ascorbate intravenously (if you can get a doctor to administer it, however that’s pretty difficult)
50g at least 2 times a day:

Double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and oncologist Ewan Cameron had shown back in the early 70s that 10 grams per day intravenously multiplied by 5 the average life expectancy
of patients abandoned by conventional treatments. We have physicians who have pushed beyond 200g/jour intravenous since those days.

intravenous protocol by Cathcart & Cameron

In Kansas the Riordan center uses these protocols:

In Australia there are 30 clinics that offer intravenous
sodium ascorbate.

We find in integrative medicine centres:

4, D3
As the half life of the vitamin C in the body is so short (see point 2 above), and vitamin C gives you so much energy, it shouldn’t be taken late in the evening or it may interfere with sleep, Taking D3 regularly, helps stay protected through the night without the energy boost.
I take 10K IU daily from a company called Healthy Origins. (No affiliation). Easily found on Amazon US, or There is 360 soft gels ranges between 20 to 40$:

5, Digestive Enzymes

Critical to help your body process and eliminate waste.

Here are videos of my blood 30 minutes before I took digestive enzymes and an anti-oxidant (I use vitamin C as an anti-oxidant).

6, I would nourish myself exclusively with the Breuss cure
for 42 days:

Here’s the basic recipe (used with infusions). You need a a slow masticating juicer. The high speed ones break down enzymes necessary for the proper assimilation of the nutrients. It’s also important that the juice is strained and that there is no fibrous pulp. Use only organic produce of course (otherwise you’re concentrating pesticides): 300g beets, 100g carrots, 100g celeriac (celery root), 30g black radish.

As a cancer cure the dosage has to be limited though and there are also teas to make…

You can get the kindle version or the hard copy here:

Roughly 45K Europeans claim to have ridden themselves of all kinds of cancers with this protocol.

You can further watch the interviews with the pioneers of Orthomolecular Medicine here on for free. Transcripts are posted below each video.
Best wishes,

PS. Here is some information you may find useful! 🙂

How to dose vitamin C optimally by Dr Robert Cathcart:

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PPS. Rather than run out completely, I recommend getting any vitamin C you can in the meantime. Better Chinese than nothing…