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Aristo Vojdani PhDDr. Vojdani appeared before the US Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs on November 16, 1993 to provide testimony relative to immunological studies on blood samples of Persian Gulf War veterans and controls. His findings indicated that some of the veterans who had been exposed to chemical agents while serving in that war had neuroimmunological disorders. This testimony was instrumental in winning the passage of a law, initiated by Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, Senator J. D. Rockefeller on November 22, 1993 that would provide free medical care to Persian Gulf War veterans.


Videos & Transcripts Part 1

Vaccine Damage

Autism pt 1- Rates

Autism & Vaccines, One Vaccine During Pregnancy Triples Neurologic Disorders in Infants

Dr Vojdani PhD Autism & Vaccines, One Vaccine During Pregnancy Triples Neurologic Disorders in Infants

“Let me give you example that again in scientific literature many articles are published about if a pregnant mother is exposed to just one viral antigen during pregnancy the probability of having a child with autism and schizophrenia and some other neurologic disorder is threefold higher.

So, meaning maternal exposure to viral antigen changes completely the immune system of the fetus when the fetus is born, then the immune system is imbalanced and therefore when we are giving at that level the vaccines to that child which is already having prior exposure to viruses in the womb the probability of having abnormal immune function, abnormal brain function resulting in autism and other neurologic disorders is much higher in that subgroup of children, and classically we can use that as an example that if again prior exposure to viruses and then mercury plus viral antigens in the vaccines are introduced to those individuals then the probability of an autoimmune disorder is much higher in this subgroup of children.”

Autism & Vaccines pt 1, Exponential Growth & Environmental Changes

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Autism & Vaccines pt 1, Exponential Growth & Environmental Changes

“My opinion about this that is really the heart of the matter is 1 in 10,000 or then 1 in 1000 and now is 1 to 150, especially in California. What happened, our genes have changed? No, we are the same genetic make up, right, the genes do not change overnight. So, something is in our environment, so I would like to make this as a general discussion, not to blame it only on mercury in vaccines, something in our environment has changed in the past, 20, 30, 40, 50 years and is becoming worse and worse.

I general, I call that xenobiotics or toxic chemicals in our environment. So, let us take a mother who would like to become pregnant. She is consuming which is contaminated with chemicals, drinking water with hundreds and thousands of chemicals in the water, added to that the stress of you know the modern lifestyle, probably she is working or handling children at home and all of the stress plus environmental factors changing the immune system. Now, the mother is becoming pregnant, during pregnancy she is consuming the same food, the same water, and breathing the same air and then she is getting small you know just you know simple flu or cold during the winter or even you know during any season, during that pregnancy period. Now, that by itself is enough to change the immune system of the fetus

where the cytokines which are produced which are messengers between immune system communicating with the brain now changing. Instead of producing factor I, II, III and IV, now they are producing factor V and VI which they did not produce before. By doing so, the whole communication between the immune system and nervous system is broken.

Now, the child is born. Due to all those environmental factors which we mentioned having very disturbed or dysfunctional immune system or dysregulated immune system, so, now this child on the first day is going to get hepatitis B virus and then three months later getting three or four different viral antigens, the results of that started when the fetus was in the womb, now is going to be further, further destruction of the immune system causing abnormal development of the brain which we detect at an age almost two or three representing a child with autism or other neurologic disorders.

So, that is really my opinion. We cannot blame it only on vaccines. Something is in our environment in general plus infectious agents, if the mother had it, and then vaccinations, in the vaccines we have viral antigens, we have the mercury which right now some can argue with that, so well they removed it now, can we blame it on mercury alone? My answer is no, but we have also aluminum and other heavy metals as adjuvant in the vaccines. So, combination of whatever we have in the vaccine as a preservative plus the adjuvants in the vaccines plus the viral antigens plus whatever happened before birth together can contribute to development of autism and that has what has changed in the past 10, 20, 30 years, the environmental factors, especially toxic chemicals in our environment are major contributing factors to autism, not only mercury in the vaccines.

Autism & Vaccines pt 2, Diagnosis hasn’t changed, rates exploded. Toxic Chemicals

Dr Vojdani PhD Autism & Vaccines pt 2, Diagnosis hasn't changed, rates exploded. Toxic Chemicals

“my response to that, please you show me the evidence, I don’t need to show you anything. You show me the evidence what is the reason behind they are detecting 1 in 150 children in California developing autism in comparison to 10 years ago was 1 in 1000. You give me the explanation. I don’t need to you know. For me, it is very difficult to prove that the environmental factors are the major reason for development of autism, you argue with that?

You explain it. What is behind these facts that 1 in out of 150 children now are developing autism versus 10 years ago 1 in 1000.

Some of you may say because our diagnostic methodologies have improved by neuropsychiatrists and other involved or pediatricians, but I have spoken to many neuropsychiatrists and asked them whether their methodology has changed,

the answer is no; 10 years ago and now neuropsychiatry has not changed at all and they use the same methods for diagnosis of autism.

– So, this idea that is proposed that we have broadened the spectrum of accepting the cases as autism and the factor that people are saying before it was less of a known disease so there was less diagnosis, this isn’t factual?

If that is the case, then how come we are developing 1 in 150 in California, it other states 1 in 500. The methodology has changed if it has changed all over the country, so how come in some states we have more autism than other states. So, that is leading us to something that our environment is contributing to that.

And what is the major factor between California and the other states. Is it the pollution, is it the mandated schedule of vaccines, what is it?

I think, no, I think the mandated schedule of vaccines is almost the same all over the country. It is recommended by Medical College of Pediatrics I believe, but we know that the environmental factors in different states are different. For example, we know certain cities around Boston, that they have 10 times more autoimmune disease and due to some environmental factors which were discovered that the land which they build the houses on top of them were land filled, so we know toxic chemicals in the environment playing very important role in development of autoimmunity and autism cannot be excluded from that.”

Autism pt 2 – Mechanisms

Autism & Vaccine Mechanisms, Vojdani Explained in 2 Journal Articles

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Autism & Vaccine Mechanisms, Explained in 2 Journal Articles

“Okay. Now, if you, I would like you to take a copy of my articles because really from the mechanism of point of view I have explained it very clearly in two different journals, one of them is clinical diagnostic laboratory immunology and the other one is international journal of immunopharmacology and toxicology, immunopathology and pharmacology.

In these two articles we dealt with infectious agents and xenobiotic, induction of autoimmunity in children with autism and in the mechanism of action, this is the way I am explaining that, that

exposure to mercury, mercury can bind to human tissue and induce specific anti-tissue antibodies and also some nonspecific immune complexes, anti-nuclear antibodies and so forth

but also many viral antigens if you look at their structure, they have similar structure to human tissue including myelin basic protein and myelin oligodendrocytes, glycoproteins, and other neuronal cell antigens.

So, let us say we are exposed to, in this case, a vaccine or the vaccine is given to a child and the child’s mucosal immune system is reacting to that antigen.

In results of that, many cytokines in the mucosal area are changing and the tight junctions get opened, the epithelial cells tight junctions get opened and now those antigens plus mercury and some other bacterial antigens and some dietary proteins such as milk and casein and gliadin from milk, gliadin from wheat and casein from milk, and other dietary proteins can enter in circulation,

so now because that the tight junctions are open, almost every single molecule from the gut can enter in circulation and now immune system is being bombarded by the bacterial antigen, viral antigens, mercury and dietary protein.

By responding to that, now we make from one hand antibodies against mercury and mercury binding proteins, antibodies against measles antigens and mumps and rubella antigens.

We make antibodies against casein from milk and antibodies against gliadin from wheat. Furthermore, we make cells in our system recognizing those antigens called CD4 or helper cells, so the whole cellular and humeral immune system is in action making antibodies or memory lymphocytes and those memory lymphocytes stay in the body forever and those antibodies are also in the blood.

Now, for some reason which we don’t know at this level that if a child is exposed to further levels of viral antigens, the viral antigens and toxic chemicals such as mercury can open the blood brain barriers. The blood brain barriers are a mechanism which are protecting us from entry of toxins from the circulation to the brain area. So, if we are exposed to mercury or viral antigens, now the blood barriers get opened, the antibodies which were in circulation reacting to mercury or reacting to measles virus, now they are in the brain areas and due to antigenic similarity between measles, mums and rubella with human brain cells, those antibodies are going to attack the brain cells. The memory lymphocytes reacting to viral antigens in the blood, now they are in the brain area and due to similarity between these viral antigens with brain cells like __41:07___ cells.

These cells are going just you know to take a bite from the myelin and destroying the brain cells and the brain cells, myelin, and other antigens now are released into circulation, further immune response against them resulting in autoimmunity and that is exactly what we are finding in children with autism that they have almost similar autoimmune reaction as patients with autoimmune disease.

In fact, when you look at those two articles we look at certain markers of autoimmunity with patients with frank autoimmune disease, we found children with autism had similar abnormalities as patient with autoimmune disease, so therefore by looking at this mechanism of action which autoimmune reaction induced by viral antigens plus xenobiotics, plus dietary proteins everything is in place to explain why we detect autoimmune reactions or autoimmune disease in children with autism.”

Mercury VS Leaky Gut VS Milk Induced Autoimmunity

Vaccines, Different Causes Claimed for Autism? MMR VS Mercury

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Vaccines, Different Causes Claimed for Autism, MMR VS Mercury

– What is the correlation in causes of autism between MMR and mercury based vaccines?

I have published about four or five different articles in scientific journals about the causes of autism indirectly, not directly, and in my presentations in some of those articles also I made very small cartoon which explains exactly that,

that autism is a neuroimmune disorder induced by infectious agents plus xenobiotics plus dietary proteins or peptides.

Starts in the gut and manifests itself in the brain.

So, this is a disease induced by infectious agents plus xenobiotics such as heavy metals plus some dietary peptides. The immune reaction to it starts in the mucosal immune system or in the gut and the results shows itself in the brain

in the form of many, many abnormalities which we are detecting also in the laboratory.

So, again combination of infectious agents plus xenobiotics,

so what Dr. Wakefield is saying is correct, but the others also are correct as well. ”

How Can an Autoimmune Disease be Caused by Vaccinations? Mercury Induced Autoimmunity

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD How Can an Autoimmune Disease be Caused by Vaccinations, Mercury Induced Autoimmunity

“Okay, if you review the literature in the scientific journal including journal of immunology which I have it right here, I get two of these every month. Look at the thickness, okay, and in every of these journals at least there are two or three articles published that are dealing with mercury induced autoimmunity or infectious agents induced autoimmunity. So, we know the mechanism behind of induction of autoimmunity is either toxic chemicals or infectious agents and in particular when we deal with toxic chemicals, mercury, and this is the issue from March 2005 and I am going to read something from here for you. So, what they tell us, first of all, the title of this article is ICOS-B7 homologous protein interaction are necessary for mercury induced autoimmunity.

Again, I am emphasizing mercury induced autoimmunity,

so if the title of that article is this so obviously mercury has been used in animal model to induce autoimmune disease and exactly in here they are telling us that if we inject mice or rats with subtoxic levels, meaning low concentrations of mercury, after few weeks the animal will develop autoimmunity exhibited by laboratory abnormalities such as anti-nuclear antibodies, rheumatoid factor, and immune complexes and that is exactly what we are finding to be elevated in children with autism, anti-nuclear antibodies, rheumatoid factor and immune complexes.

So, the evidence is there that mercury and other metals can induce autoimmunity.

So that was from 2005. So, let me also go back to earlier publication in a journal called Immunology Today, and that was from 1998 and in this article again well look at the title, the cover, the title or the cover they are telling us Drug Trafficking, Adverse Immune Response to Xenobiotics, a compound, and what they show us in this article

and again here the title, adverse immune reaction to xenobiotics and the next page is,

they are showing us how metals, right here, how metals can bind to human tissue protein and induce autoimmune reaction. So, this has been in literature for more than 50 years.

Those who are telling us that metals cannot induce autoimmunity, they never had the opportunity or they never took their time and read some of these articles which I am quoting.”

Autism, Blood Tests Show Mercury Exposure, Gluten & Milk Intolerance

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Autism, Blood Tests Show Mercury Exposure, Gluten & Milk Intolerance

“one of the diseases which I believe in addition to genes being responsible for its development, environmental factor playing a significant role in it is autism or other autism related disorders, and

I had the opportunity to work with many, many doctors who look at children with autism and we performed blood tests on them from the immunological point of view, from diet and so forth, and from the point of view of exposure to toxic chemicals including mercury. In one third of these individuals which we have tested probably in more than a thousand that we found that diet playing the significant role. If you put them on wheat free diet and casein free diet, doctors see significant improvement in their clinical condition as well as reduction in their levels of antibodies we are detecting in the laboratory.

Also, the same one third we find that those individuals they make antibodies against mercury, meaning they have been exposed to mercury or other metals,

they have antibodies against anti-nuclear antibodies which is marker of all immunity, they have high levels of immune complexes and their metallothionein which is an enzyme taking care of mercury or other metals or detoxifying metals from our system, those enzymes in one third are not working, so therefore we see a lot of laboratory abnormalities in children with autism probably induced either by infectious agents or by heavy metals.”

Is there a Safe Limit for Mercury & Mercury Types (mercury chloride, Thimerosal, ethyl mercury or methyl mercury)

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Is there a Safe Limit for Mercury & Mercury Types (mercury chloride, Thimerosal, ethyl mercury or methyl mercury)

“First of all we have to accept the fact that mercury regardless in what form, whether mercury chloride, ethyl mercury or methyl mercury, all of them are toxic and I would like to emphasize clearly that there is no safe limit to a toxic material. So, therefore they cannot tell us what level of mercury is safe for human consumption or injection.

Then, the other response I have to this is

why do we put thimerosal or ethyl mercury in the vaccines? The answer to that is as a preservative. What is it doing as a preservative, to prevent bacterial growth and viral growth in the material, so if it is used as a preservative to kill bacteria and viruses, obviously it is toxic to human cells, and again, therefore there is no safe limit to any type of mercury.”

How Much Mercury is in Vaccines Pt1? Are Hair Analyses Valid?

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD How Much Mercury is in Vaccines Pt1 Are Hair Analyses Valid

“absolutely not correct to say that mercury in the vaccines or mercury level in the vaccines is similar to mercury in the sea water. I am not the advocate saying that we don’t have mercury in the sea water, but definitely not at the level we are putting in the vaccines.

In the vaccines, we have microgram levels, so therefore every injection probably is about, I don’t know, 5 mcg or so and a child by age 1 or so is getting about 80 mcg of mercury which is a lot and again earlier I said that subtoxic levels of mercury can induce autoimmunity.

Now, in relation to measuring it in the hair and they could not find it in the hair of children with autism, that is exactly what I am claiming, that when mercury is entered into our system it is bind to our proteins, that is exactly that article in Immunology Today is telling us, that mercury can bind covalently each molecule to four different amino acids and then the body induces autoantibody reaction and that is the mechanism of autoimmunity and that is exactly the reason why they did not find it in the hair, because in those individuals bind to the tissue should not be released into the hair, but those individuals who get exposed to mercury but they have a good secretory component in their system, meaning they have good enzymes, can excrete the mercury then you can find that in the hair, but unfortunately in one third of children with autism when mercury enters into their system, bind to the tissue and induce autoimmune reaction.

– So…?

So, therefore we should not find it in the hair.”

How Much Mercury is in Vaccines Pt2 ? Fuzzy Math

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD How Much Mercury is in Vaccines Pt2 Fuzzy Math

“I absolutely disagree with that author because you cannot take a molecule and say because certain molecule has this type of structure 90% of that is not mercury or mercury is only part of that, we are talking about ethyl mercury or merthiolate altogether as a molecule which has the capacity to bind to human tissue and then the whole thing becomes __17:42___ and then the body reacts against the complex, so we cannot separate the mercury from other components of the structure. That is misleading.”

Vaccines, Some Drs Don’t know Merthiolate is Mercury, Check Inserts

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Vaccines, Some Drs Don't know Merthiolate is Mercury, Check Inserts

“No, no, I think that is correct. I believe, only two years ago they decided to remove Merthiolate from some vaccines, not all of them,

and depends in some offices if they have some vaccines and still the date shows that they can use it,

I think you know the doctors don’t understand the difference between Merthiolate and mercury. Okay, when they read.

And I have been to some pediatricians’ offices and asked them a question whether or not your vaccine contains mercury. They told me no.

Okay, I have three children I have been to those offices believe me, and then when I asked him to bring me the vaccine and the package insert clearly was written contains Merthiolate.

The pediatrician did not know the difference between mercury and Merthiolate so what do you expect from these individuals?

So it is responsibility of the companies which are making these vaccines and to write clearly what is in that, you know, vaccine and again pediatricians really do not know about it.

So, I don’t think that all of our vaccines right now are free of mercury including our flu vaccines.

– And for the average person could you give us bit of an explanation of the difference or the relation between mercury and Merthiolate.<?>

Okay, Okay, Merthiolate is ethyl mercury. That is another name for it,

like some medications there are four different names. In this case, the chemical name is ethyl mercury and as a preservative in a laboratory on the box or on the bottle is written Merthiolate and many people do not know the difference between Merthiolate or ethyl mercury which is the same.

Therefore, the public should read more about this and they know what or maybe the companies who are making the vaccines they should write ethyl mercury and should not write merthiolate as a preservative.”

Milk Induced Autoimmunity & Diabetes Connection
Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt 1

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt 1

“Now, you also ask me the question about Dr. Mercola who found that something in milk causing autoimmunity. It is very well accepted in the field of immunology that some milk peptides, their structure is very similar to islet cells, islet cell making insulin, so when we make antibodies against milk, those antibodies plus helper cells are attacking the islet cells and inducing autoimmune disease. The islet cells are destroyed due to autoimmune reaction and children or patients are ending with diabetes.

Similarly, we know that milk and wheat has similar structure with nerve cell antigens. In another article which I have to give you a copy published in the journal called nutritional neurosciences clearly I demonstrated that peptide of eight amino-acids in wheat or component of gliadin cross react with human brain cells therefore explaining the mechanism behind gluten induced autoimmune disease or a disease called gluten ataxia meaning neurologic disease or brain dysfunction or autoimmune brain dysfunction induced by a component of wheat, in this case eight amino-acids, we call it gliadin peptide.

So, therefore the mechanism of action is described in many, many articles published in scientific journals where infectious agents, xenobiotics, dietary peptides and proteins can induce autoimmunities and children with autism are not excluded from that.

– When you say xenobiotics, it is just…?

Xenobiotics is a general terminology for toxic chemicals. Any chemicals from the environment have toxic effects on the immune system, we call them xenobiotics and mercury absolutely is a xenobiotic. Ethyl mercury is a xenobiotic and therefore we should not have it in our vaccines.”

Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt2

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt2

“Absolutely. You know, in the pancreas we have cells called islet cells of Langerhans. The islet cells, beta islet cells are responsible to produce insulin which actually is a hormone, which is responsible for conversion of glucose to either energy or to fat.

So, when we consume significant amount of milk or proteins from milk and we make antibodies against them and again I have to make it clear,

not every person consuming milk is going to make antibody against milk, only subgroup of individuals if they have leaky gut syndrome or some genetic makeup that will respond to milk proteins and make antibody against milk proteins

and since milk protein, their structure is very similar to beta islet cells, when antibodies are made against milk those antibodies goes after the islet cells and destroying the islet cells.

The analogy is very similar that if our soldiers are fighting the enemy and the enemy will wear clothes like US Army soldiers, you know it will be very difficult to recognize who is who and because of these type of similarities something mistaken happened, that is exactly what happens in the immune system. If the immune system made antibodies against milk and structure of the milk is similar to beta islet cells which are making insulin those antibodies and cells reacting to milk now are going to attack the beta islet, destroying the beta islet cells resulting in having lack of insulin and diabetes, but after many years.”

Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt3

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt3

“and that is why we have many, many children with type 1 diabetes, it is autoimmune diabetes actually. We call that autoimmune because their body is attacking its own islet cells. Another mechanism of action is a virus called Coxsackie.

Autoimmune diabetes is type 1 diabetes, not type 2 diabetes, so type 1 diabetes in children we know that milk is one of the major factors behind it.

Secondly there is a virus called Coxsackie virus and when a person is exposed or infected with Coxsackie virus and we make antibodies against Coxsackie virus, those antibodies are going to attack the islet cells.

So, this is a very good example how dietary proteins from one hand and infectious antigens from other hand both can attack the islet cells and destroy the islet cell and induce type 1 diabetes.

So, therefore here is an example of infectious agents and another example from dietary proteins, milk can induce autoimmunity in the form of type 1 diabetes.”

Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt4

Genetic Factor – Loaded Gun
Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Milk Causes Autoimmunity Disease, Diabetes pt4

“The genetic factor is playing extremely, extremely important role. When we consume an antigen, depends on our genes how that antigen is going to be broken into pieces and if that antigen is broken to small peptides and then bind to special molecule, in that individual, only that individual is going to make antibody against milk. So, therefore

if there was a history of type 1 diabetes in certain families I highly recommend not to consume milk, that will prevent the development of type 1 diabetes in those individuals or relatives of those individuals.

– So what about the breast-feeding and the weaning of the infant to how…..

No, in fact the breast-feeding is completely different. I am talking about cow’s milk in this case.

-Oh okay.

In fact breast-feeding is going to prevent the child from having autoimmune diabetes. In fact it is recommended to have breast-feeding at least for one year period for those individuals and not to introduce at all cow’s milk or other formulas.

– At all ever?


– For type 1 diabetes?

For type 1 diabetes prone families. Should avoid cow’s milk and what about cheese and other diary products.

Well, when we take cow’s milk, includes you know all those.

– All diary products?


– Dairy products, dairy free for life?

Yeah that is correct.

– Okay.

It is very safe.

– That is very interesting, and what percentage of the population, could you give us a rough estimate that actually have this problem with the antibodies against cow’s milk?

I would say one third.

– One third.

One third, but not all one third are going to develop type 1 diabetes, okay, again, because genetic make up is very important.

We measure antibodies against casein and other components of milk in our laboratories and we find one third is highly elevated. Now, again I would like to say not every individual is going to develop type 1 diabetes because of that, because there is genetic make up and many other factors are involved, whether those antibodies and cell are going to attack our own tissue. So, we cannot say that, but one third we detect the antibodies, but small percentage of those also develop type 1 diabetes due to consumption of milk and other dietary proteins.

– And are there other factors that precipitate in this subgroup since it is one third is highly disposed, predisposed, what singles out these small percentages, another interaction, is there another causal factor and environmental factor, or is it just bad luck with the genetic make up?

Well, again I always make the analogy of genetic make up. It is like a loaded gun. You have that loaded gun in a closet for 15 years, for 20 years, for 5 years, for 10 years, nothing happened. You need the trigger from the environment. Someone should go to the closet take out the gun and pull the trigger. Only in that situation it becomes dangerous to kill someone and the same thing in the case of yes you have genetic make up, but you need something from the environment such as casein from the milk and the antigen from coxsackie virus to come in play together and to destroy the islet cells in order to induce autoimmune disease. I think that is a very good example. So, therefore interaction between genes with many environmental factors.

There are many other environmental factors I don’t know about them, mercury exposure could be one of them, so all of that playing a role together with the gene in order to induce autoimmune disease.”

Autism pt 3 – Treatment

Autism, Treatment pt1, Can we Remove Mercury From the System?

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Autism, Treatment pt1, Can we Remove Mercury From the System

“You mean to do chelation or remove mercury from the system?

That is right.

Yeah, I believe in some population of children with autism mercury tightly, very tightly based on this mechanism of action binds to tissue proteins. We should be very, very careful that by doing chelation and trying to remove the mercury from the tissue not to harm these children further, because some of these agents used for chelation also have some side effects. We have to be very careful about it. Now, I know that chelation is very helpful in removing calcium and things like that from the arteries for prevention of cardiovascular disease or improving the clinical conditions of a patient with cardiovascular disease. In children with autism, I have seen many cases, when they did measure levels of mercury before chelation and after chelation. After chelation, levels went high as ten fold or sometimes higher, that shows that indeed mercury was in the tissue, by doing chelation removed it from the tissue and then they detected in the blood or urine and so forth. That by itself shows that the success of chelation therapy if it is done correctly.

– So, which are the dangerous treatments for….?

I am not the expert in the field, but again you know, some of them use MPS, some of them use MSA, and you should see which of them are more safe and only to use the one which are safe, but definitely by removing them, the mercury, from the tissues and releasing into the blood and then from that to urine, that will be the best way to prevent autoimmunity or autoimmune reaction against the metal, the tissue as a complex to prevent immune reaction against that and probably to reduce the level of autoimmune reaction in children with autism.

– Because once the mercury is released from the tissue, the attack of the body against that compound will cease?A:
Exactly, but it take sometimes six months, sometimes a year, and sometimes longer.

– Of continued treatment or before the effect?

Of continued treatment and then before the effect is going to be in place.”

Autism Treatment pt2, supplements, 40% Improvement w Gluten & Milk Free Diet

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Autism Treatment pt2, supplements, 40pct Improvement w Gluten & Milk Free Diet

“I believe that the body can rebuild itself, especially in children and it is not like patients who are having multiple sclerosis and significant damage is done to the brain cells which is very difficult to repair even in patient with MS I have seen some of them, they, you know if you do MRI it is completely abnormal, one year later MRI is completely normal.

So, yes there are some remedies such as lipoic acid, glutathione, N-acetyl cysteine, lipoic acid I mentioned, Omega-3 fish oil, and others will be extremely helpful in repairing the brain function.

– But as of today, have we seen total recoveries or we are not there yet?

I think right now I don’t have the evidence. I don’t think we have totally 100% recoveries, but the DAN conference, Defeat Autism Now, I was witnessing at least 20 or 30 different children who were labeled 100% autistic and pediatrician, neuropsychiatrist everybody said there is no way these children will improve. When they went to the doctors who believe by removing, by changing their diet, by doing biofeedback, and many other remedies they brought these children as evidence who completely became normal children. They go to high school today. So, that was the best evidence to show that indeed we should not give up the hope. There is a lot we can do to reverse the autoimmune reaction in children with autism,

and the DAN conference and bringing these children to show them to the public and each child was telling their own story, what they were 8 or 10 years before and where they are right now, which high school they are going, what is their goal. They were telling us that they want to be physician, some of them were telling us they want to be movie star, and so you know…

– And these children had been nonresponsive? They were completely autistic?

They were completely autistic and they were, you know, all those mainstream physicians they told the parents there is no hope and just accept your child is autistic and there is nothing you can do about it.

– And do you have any idea of these 20-30 children, what kind of percentage of success, how many of them were treated that 20 or 30 got better, do you have any idea?

Well, I think the best is to go to DAN or ARI which is Autism Research Institute. They have the best information. I don’t think so that they will claim that every child with autism will reverse, but they will tell you that there is a hope and some of them significantly improved.

I have spoken to many parents when they do laboratory testing and we have so many abnormalities. By simply putting them on milk free diet and gluten free diet, they tell me about 40% improvement, at least by expressing themselves by you know using sentences, verbally they improve significantly and also from other functional aspects. That is what I have heard from the parents, many of them.”

Catch up Cocktails vs Immune Response Limits, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) & SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

Vaccines, Delaying, Catch up Cocktails vs Immune Response Limits, Toxic Choc

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Vaccines, Delaying, Catch up Cocktails vs Immune Response Limits, Toxic Choc

“a lot of parents are saying that they find the autism of their child or this particular disease condition of their child has been caused because of this catch up situation.

If a child hasn’t had his vaccines at any age they seem to just administer the total cocktail of all the missing vaccines in one dose and apparently there has been really, really heavy adverse reactions almost immediately after these high-level administrations

and then afterwards the parents have no recourse, the doctors are basically trained to deny any possible correlation between vaccines and any incidental reactions. Is there any real studies or any anything guaranteeing our security that this is safe,

– Doesn’t it seem kind of scary?

Absolutely that is scary, the word you used scary because I am an immunologist and very practical immunologist. If you take a rabbit and inject one antigen, the rabbit was going to make lets say 10 units of antibodies, if you inject antigen 1 and 2, it is going to make 12 units of antibodies, six of them antigen 1 and six of them antigen 2.

Now, if you inject antigen number 3, one, two, and three, the rabbit is going to make the same 12 units, now four units will be for antigen 1, four units will be for antigen 2, and four units will be for antigen 3, because there is a limit.

The rabbit cannot make thousands of antibodies simultaneously at a peak level. So, therefore by mixing few viral antigens together in order to compensate for all those vaccinations which were missed before absolutely is wrong because they are not going to get the same levels of antibodies if they were injected separately.

So, that is why I am so much in favor of separating the viral antigens and inject them one at a time, even the time period between one vaccine to another will be four weeks is okay with me.

We inject one antigen you get so many unit of antibodies, you inject the second one and again you get very high levels of antibodies against second one and continue with the third one until you finish them.

That is the best way to do immunization in order to get the highest level of protection possible and it is wrong to mix all of those together and inject them at once because you are not going to get almost any immunization against any of those antigens if you mix them together.

– And, so there we have covered the viral factor, the multiple viral factors, but what about the sheer concentration of all the preservatives and all the toxins that are in these vaccines in such a huge administration.

That is again, from that point of view also is wrong. So, what we do in here that we are taking multiple doses of viral antigens plus multiple amount of adjuvant plus multiple amount of mercury or merthiolate and inject them at once and I believe that overloading the immune system with all those chemicals plus adjuvant plus the viral antigens can induce significant autoimmune reaction or immune deficiency in that individual.”

Virus Weaken Immunity

Vaccines, Viruses weakens Immunity, Bacteria Become More Dangerous

Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD Vaccines, Viruses weakens Immunity, Bacteria Become More Dangerous

“Well I don’t have information exactly about that, but I know from this type of journals if for example take just one viral antigen injected to a group of mice and then give them the bacteria which, you know, such as E. coli or staphylococcus or any other bacteria, then the group which received the viral antigen will die much faster due to injection of the bacteria than the other group which were injected only with bacteria but not with the viral antigen. So, therefore the viral antigens have the capacity to suppress the immune system and then when we inject them with bacteria, the bacterial infection can grow significantly and destroying the immune system and finally the animal dies faster.

So, therefore there are thousands and thousands articles and literature that viral antigens have immune suppressive effect and these experiments were done with viruses one at a time and when you inject three different viral antigens simultaneously definitely that will be devastating to the immune system.”