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Dr Robert Cathcart MD 240x3002008 Orthomolecular Hall of Fame Inductee Orthopedic surgeon Dr Robert Cathcart MD successfully treated over 30,000 patients in over 3 decades, sometimes administering over 150,000 mg per day.

Dr Cathcart's wrote the oral protocol for vitamin C, "Titrating to Bowel Tolerance", which explains how to fine tune vitamin C dosage for optimal maintenance, as well as treatment for acute conditions of illness, stress or injury.

Dr Cathcart was also the inventor of the Cathcart Elliptical Orthocentric Endoprosthesis, a replacement hip-ball joint still in widespread use today. Some physicians report it to be superior to other similar devices.


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Why Supplement with Vitamin C

We can heal better than other animals 2m 34s
Why Use Maintenance Doses 2m 15s

Determining Vitamin C dosage

Summary of first experiences 5m 01s Includes:
(subclip 1) Mononucleosis- 98lb Librarian takes a pound of vitamin C in 48 hours 21s
(subclip 2) Surgery recovery in half the time 36s
(subclip 3) Half the Town Mega Dosing Vitamin C for 3 years 21s
(subclip 4) Vitamin C knocks the hell out of average diseases 17s

Vitamin C dosage in Maintenance VS Illness 3m 43s
Cathcart’s Personal & Example Dosages When Catching A Cold or Flu 3m 28s
Sick & Elderly need more nutrients, Klenner vs RDA, Maintenance dose fluctuations 3m 29s
Stabilizing The Chronically Ill for better results with Ascorbic Acid 2m 27s

Dosage for Pregnancy & Lactation, Dr. Klenner’s Vitamin C babies 2m 23s

Ascorbic acid VS Sodium Ascorbate – oral versus IV C 3m 36s

Toxicity Claims & Counter Arguments

Expensive Urine 1m 35s
Kidney Stones 2m 41s
Mayo Clinic Cancer Trial 53s
Quack Busters vs Scientific Method 1m 11s
Expensive Urine pt2 – No Diarrhea On Massive Doses When ill 1m 42s
Massive Doses Of Nutrients Have Visible Effects 3m 12s
No Large Scale Studies 1m 06s
No Double Blind Studies, Acute Hepatitis 37s
Educating Doctors VS the Public, Laws Protect Industry 3m 31s
Vitamin C Experts & Toxicity 1m 34s
Interaction With Blood thinners (Coumadin) 52s
Blood disorders that might cause complications with IV C 1m 31s
Drugs better tolerated with C, 1/2 PDR drug side effects 36s
Sewage Plant Water Sterilized by Vitamin C 47s
Vitamin C used properly would bankrupt every hospital in this country, CODEX 30s
Hospitals are scurvy houses. Should be giving IV C 1m 49s

Vitamin C In Prevention / Treatment Of


Irwin Stone & Addiction 49s
FDA VS Falconi, Drug Addiction Rehab kit 50s


AIDS 3m 44s
AIDS, IV C & Oral C + Anti-Yeast Program 1m 44s
AIDS, Triple Therapy Destruction of Liver & Kidneys Stopped by Mega Dose C 52s

Allergies, Asthma, Venom, Anaphylaxis, Fever…

Chemical Sensitivities VS Toxicity, Food Allergies, Drugs VS Natural substances 5m 02s
Food Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity, Ulcerative Colitis 58s
Food Allergies, Vioxx & Arthritis 4m 03s
Food & Chemical Sensitivities, Allergies 2m 13s
Food Allergies & Lyme Disease 1m 45s
Allergies & Immunoglobin E & A 58s
Allergies, Fever, Asthma 39s
Dr. Klenner MD, venom, Penicillin, Anaphylaxis 5m 53s
Allergies, Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever 2m 47s
Kennel Fever, Ebola, 500g diseases 1m 55s
500g Diseases, Ebola, Lassa, First survivor was taking vitamins 1m 07s
Bronchiectasis, Chronic Otitis Media 1m 22s
Asthma, Hay Fever 40s
No Sugar, Anti-Yeast Program 2m 32s

Anemia – Multiple Sclerosis

Triple B shots, Pernicious Anemia 1m 09s
Anemia, loss of senstations, MS, biochemical individuality, statistical significance 3m 45s

Autism, Hyperactivity Disorder

Autism 1m 11s
Hyperactive kids 1m 37s


Hugh Reardon – How IV Vitamin C selectively kills cancer cells 1m 08s
Joseph Breslin pt1 – Curing the mayors wife of cancer 1m 30s
Joseph Breslin pt2 – 180g/24h in central catheter, practice of the community 1m 52s
Vitamin C and Cancers, Non toxicity of IV C 1m 19s
Basal Cell Carcinomas, C Paste, topical treatment 1m 08s


Sugar VS Fat, Carbs & Type 2 Diabetes 4m 03s
Type 2 Diabetes, Sugar Mania, Food triggers 3m 05s

Herpes, Shingles

Herpes, Shingles 2m 38s


Acute Hepatitis (same clip as: No Double Blind Studies, Acute Hepatitis) 37s
Chronic Hepatitis 2m 11s
Hepatitis & blood transfusions, Viruses Cause Some Cancers 50s


Mononucleosis- 98lb Librarian takes a pound of vitamin C in 48 hours 21s
Ski instructors & Mononucleosis, Disease tissue needs to be saturated with C 49s


Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency, Food Allergies & Osteoporosis 2m 34s


Back Pain, Herniated Discs – Supplements To Try Before Surgery 2m 38s


Dr. Klenner & Polio 1m 12s


Abram Hoffer, Niacin & Schizophrenia, Case Study pt1 2m 02s
Schizophrenia Case Study pt2 58s
Types of Schizophrenia Respond To Different Nutrients 1m 15s

Vaccine Damage, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

Dr. Kalokerinos, SIDS, That kid would have been dead in a few hours 2m 03s
Dr Kalokerinos, SIDS, SBS 1m 30s
Kalokerinos, Vaccines & SIDS, Hepatitis, SV40 3m 55s
Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, no SIDS with Vitamin C, every second child 1m 05s
SIDS is Acute Induced Scurvy 2m 46s

How It Works

What are Free Radicals 2m 52s
Free Radicals 2m 59s
Anti-Oxidants versus Free radicals 1m 24s
How Vitamin C stops Free Radical damage 3m 54s
Oxidation VS Reduction 2m 49s


Dr Robert Cathcart MD – Videos & Transcripts

Why Supplement with Vitamin C

We can heal better than other animals

dr robert cathcart md 01 we can heal better
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how vitamin C allows us to heal better than other animals.

“All the animals except for man, monkey and the guinea pig, make vitamin C.
This is literally why a dog can eat dirty things of the ground,
why they can bury a bone, let it rot for a few days and then dig it up and eat it,

because they make ascorbate just like we make saliva, and this ascorbate neutralizes the free radicals that are involved in all these toxic products.
Well, we humans don’t make ascorbate, and actually the history behind this is probably that about 65 million years ago, plus or minus a few million years,
the higher primates up in the trees where dirty things were falling to the ground
and we had developed arms and hands to pick up clean things
and we were living in sparse populations,
that one of our distant cousins was born that did not make ascorbate
and survived to reproduce and had this interesting advantage.

You see, these other animals don’t make ascorbate for free.
They make it from glucose, so may be 20% of the food that your dog or cat is eating goes into making ascorbate,
whereas humans don’t waste glucose on making ascorbate, so that in times of famine like in the ice age or so forth,
we humans can out starve most animals.
We don’t like to starve, but when you see the pictures of like the people of Dhaka,
we see how terrible the starvation could be and people just live on, and on and on without much food, whereas wild animals will eat themselves up making ascorbate.

They don’t get colds, like dogs don’t get colds, flu’s or things like that, but we can out starve them.

Anyway, that was the advantage for humans not making ascorbate
and now we are stuck with it. Now that the humans have come out of the trees and live in these large civilizations and can spread diseases around a lot, then it would be nice to have that ascorbate making mechanism back.

Actually when we start talking about naturalness, I want to point that we can fly higher and faster than birds in our machines.
We can also make more ascorbate with our machines than a dog can,
and so we just have to have the knowledge of how to take it
and we can take this ascorbate that is made in our chemical plants
and be actually more resistant to diseases than dogs are.”

Why Use Maintenance Doses

dr robert cathcart md 02 why-use-maintenance-doses
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how people don’t need convincing to stay on maintenance doses and describes his personal experience with Chronic Sinusitis.

“You know that brings up the question of how long people want to stay on these maintenance doses,

I tell you once a person gets on bowel tolerance doses of vitamin C, he gets on maintenance doses we generally don’t have to talk about that because the patient knows what benefit they are getting,

like patients will come in and say I didn’t tell you this, but one of my big problems with life has been chronic sinusitis and since I have had the vitamin C I don’t have any chronic sinusitis anymore, so they just keep it up to keep rid of the chronic sinusitis you see,

and since it reduces the incidence of colds tremendously, they feel so much better, they need less sleep may be an hour or less sleep and all these things are good things and so you don’t have to twist the persons arms to take the ascorbate, they just want to take it.”

Determining Vitamin C dosage

Summary of first experiences

dr robert cathcart md 03 Summary of first experiences
Determining the proper dosage of vitamin C in sickness and in health.

“I went into practice in San Mateo in Mills Hospital and while I was there I had frequent colds. I would have a cold every two months and I also had a seasonal hay fever.

Now, the thing was that at that point Linus Pauling was writing this book Vitamin C and the Common Cold and I was ready to try anything, so at that time, I, as luck would have it, got this powdered ascorbic acid, and I didn’t know how much to take, so I took a level teaspoon which turned out to be 4g, and was astonished that it knocked out my symptoms of hay fever in about 15 minutes, and then that lasted for about four hours, and then I took another dose, and another dose, and another dose, and at the end of the day I had taken 16 g and was relieved of the hay fever.

Well, I didn’t catch a cold for about nine months, but I did catch a cold then which was a disappointment, but I noticed that after about 20 minutes to half an hour that the symptoms of the cold went away, but then they came back in about an hour, so I repeatedly took more doses and by the end of the day I had taken about 60 g blocking the symptoms of the cold and the next day I was all well.

Well, I thought that was rather interesting, so I tried this out on patients and I found that without exception in patients who have good stomachs, that is no ulcers, no colitis, or things like that, that the average person can take about 10 to 15 g of ascorbic acid divided up into four to six doses per 24 hours before it produces this loose stool or diarrhea.

The astonishing thing was that that same person with a mild cold could take 30 to 60 g, a bad cold 100 g, a flu 150 g, and then I realized the magnitude of this phenomenon when this 23-year-old, 98-pound lady librarian came in with severe mononucleosis.
She ate a pound of ascorbic acid in two days without so much as gas. This was over 200 g per 24 hours.

At first, I didn’t know what was going on here, but then I was talking with Irwin Stone who had written the book Vitamin C the Healing Factor, and we decided that what was happening here was that these diseases caused the formation of free radicals,
and that the ascorbate when it destroyed the free radicals, the free radicals destroyed the ascorbate,
and when the ascorbate what didn’t reach the rectum does not cause diarrhea. and so we call this titrating to bowel tolerance, and this is why people are able to take these huge amounts of ascorbic acid and to an extent,
the amount of ascorbic acid that you can take when you are sick indicates somewhat how sick you are, how toxic you are.

so anyway, I began to use these small amounts of ascorbic acid on patients postoperatively when I did their hip surgery at Mills Hospital and it was amazing.
These little old ladies who had broken their hips, were not taking many pain medicines, and they were getting out of the hospital in half the time, and some of them said they felt better than before they broke their hip, and everything went fine for about three months, until the staff discovered what I was doing, and I was labeled a quack and all my referrals were cut off.

Well, they could not bankrupt me because this prosthesis was bringing in royalties at that time, but I moved up to Incline Village, Nevada where I was the first physician in town, and the people either had the choice of going over Mount Rose into Reno which was difficult during the wintertime or into Truckee which was another snow pass
and so I was the only physician in town for the first three years, and I had half the town on vitamin C before the next physician showed up.
Half the town thought I was crazy and the other half thought I could walk on water, so that was okay.
So, anyway, that is where I got the experience with vitamin C and all those infectious diseases was up at Incline Village,

because, when people come in who don’t have any chronic diseases, they don’t have troubles like ulcers and colitis and other GI tract problems,
the average person who is eating sugar and despite that is in good health and they are athletic and all that, and they just have their cold’s and flu’s and mononucleosis and hepatitis and gonorrhea, and syphilis and diseases like that, the vitamin C just knocks the hell out of these diseases and when you take it to tolerance.
so that is where I got my vast experience with infectious diseases.”

Mononucleosis- 98lb Librarian takes a pound of vitamin C in 48 hours

dr robert cathcart md 04 Mononucleosis- 98lb Librarian takes a pound of vitamin C in 48 hours
The largest oral dose of ascorbic acid he witnessed. A 98lb (45kg) Librarian with mononucleosis took a pound (454g) of vitamin C in 48 hours without so much as gas.

“I realized the magnitude of this phenomenon when this 23-year-old, 98-pound lady librarian came in with severe mononucleosis. She ate a pound of ascorbic acid in two days without so much as gas. This was over 200 g per 24 hours.”

Surgery recovery in half the time

dr robert cathcart md 05 Surgery recovery in half the time
Surgery patients left the hospital in half the usual post-op recovery time.

“so anyway, I began to use these small amounts of ascorbic acid on patients postoperatively when I did their hip surgery at Mills Hospital and it was amazing.
These little old ladies who had broken their hips, were not taking many pain medicines, and they were getting out of the hospital in half the time,and some of them said they felt better than before they broke their hip, and everything went fine for about three months, until the staff discovered what I was doing, and I was labeled a quack and all my referrals were cut off.”

Half the Town Mega Dosing Vitamin C for 3 years

dr robert cathcart md 06 Half the Town Mega Dosing Vitamin C for 3 years
Half of Incline village was following his vitamin C protocol for 3 years while he was the only physician in town.

“I was the only physician in town for the first three years, and I had half the town on vitamin C before the next physician showed up.
Half the town thought I was crazy and the other half thought I could walk on water, so that was okay.
So, anyway, that is where I got the experience with vitamin C and all those infectious diseases was up at Incline Village”

Vitamin C knocks the hell out of average diseases

dr robert cathcart md 07-vitamin-c-knocks-the-hell-out-of-average-diseases
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how Vitamin C knocks the hell out of average diseases when taken to tolerance.

“the average person who is eating sugar and despite that is in good health and they are athletic and all that, and they just have their cold’s and flu’s and mononucleosis and hepatitis and gonorrhea, and syphilis and diseases like that, the vitamin C just knocks the hell out of these diseases and when you take it to tolerance.”

Vitamin C Dosage in Maintenance VS Illness

dr robert cathcart md 08 Vitamin C dosage in Maintenance VS Illness big

“Well, now first of all I ought to talk about maintenance doses and maintenance doses vary from person to person.

You could have kissed the wrong girl when you were 16 years old and gotten the Epstein-Barr virus or herpes 6 or cytomegalo virus or something or other which may be you did not get sick at that time,

but you carry this virus inside you and it produces free radicals so that your tolerance to vitamin C might be higher as a result of that you see,

so that is one of the reasons why everybody’s bowel tolerance to vitamin C varies as a maintenance dose you see and one person, I mean there are few people that get diarrhea as low as 5 g a day,
they are unusual, but they may be the ones who just have none of these little bugs in them at all you see,

whereas if you have the average amount of bugs you will probably be able to take 10 to 15 g of ascorbic acid a day,

now some people who have like chronic fatigue and so forth will take 30, 40, or 50 g a day as a maintenance day you see,

but then getting an acute disease like a cold or a flue, everything is off instantly, you may be able to take 50 to 100 to 150 g right then

and what we have found is that smaller doses more frequently are important.

So, this question about whether or not to take it with meals,
it could be that you might want to the take your ascorbic acid associated with meals maybe,
it does not make much difference,
but say you had a pattern for your maintenance dose that would be okay,

but when you are starting to take it for a cold for instance it is probably better to take it every 15 minutes to half an hour, smaller doses,

like I would rather see a person take 2 g every 15 minutes rather than 4 g every half an hour or 8 g every hour you see,
and it turns out that the more frequently you take the dose the more likely it is to knock out the acute symptoms,
but for people on maintenance doses usually four to six times a day is enough,

but then if you get a disease like mononucleosis you may be taking oh like 6 g every 15 minutes for a few hours
and you keep taking it until you feel sort of a reversal of the symptoms or else you start getting diarrhea
and as soon as you get diarrhea then you may want to back down on it for half an hour to an hour you see before taking the next dose.

Now, this sounds complicated, but actually you get a feel for it. You can feel this stuff working in your body.
There will be a sudden relief of a lot of the symptoms
and then you match the relieving of symptoms with the onset of diarrhea to figure out the exact dose and the rate that you should take it.

Well, then after doing this say maintenance dose, when you are not sick, after doing this for two or three weeks you just know how much you can take at any particular time

and that is another thing is that some people particularly those with allergies will find that their dose varies throughout the day and so one might be able to stand a 6 g dose first thing in the morning,

but in the afternoon they have got to take 3 g you might say, or it might be the reverse you see if they are building up food allergies they might sleep it off during the night and be only able to take 3 g first thing in the morning, but then as they eat they might take 6 g or so.

So, there is a variable dose on this but it sounds complicated, but the major thing is to listen to your body and your body will finally tell you what to do unless you have things like ulcers or some screwed up GI tract.”

3m 28s

Cathcart’s Personal & Example Dosages When Catching A Cold or Flu

dr robert cathcart md 09-cathcarts-personal-example-dosages-when-catching-a-cold-or-flu

“Yeah, well, I tell you if I feel like I am catching a cold, my dose,
now I have been taking big doses, my dose is 6 g every 15 minutes until diarrhea.

I mean this diarrhea is not really diarrhea, it is just a soft stool and you know, we have one soft stool, so big deal, what else is new,

so when the disease comes I just take it, and take it and take it until suddenly you feel oops it is going to come, and then slow down on it and back off of it,
but the quicker the better because if you can get saturated with the C and in the case of a cold you are trying to get your nose and throat saturated with the C, is

you want to saturate it before this inflammatory cascade really gets going, you see, the thing is that if the free radicals,
remember when the body makes free radicals because the body is damaged,
these free radicals do more damage and cause more free radicals
and so there is a free radical cascade,

so that if you hit it hard and fast at the very beginning that is the best.

So 6 g every 15 minutes and you would usually have that go on?

Yeah, what with the average person who has not had vitamin C before, I would say 3-4 g every 15 minutes.

For possibly a couple of hours.

Well yeah whatever it takes, I mean.

Just to give them a basic idea of what they are looking, is it going to be three hours.

Well, see there are 30-g colds and there are 150-g colds, so it sort of depends upon the epidemic.

The one that is currently going around now is about 150-grammer, it is a bad one, and without the C it results in a little bit of bronchitis and I don’t know other people getting pneumonia, I have not heard about that, but I have had patients come in who did not take enough C who are having a little bit of bronchitis.

It is interesting that this particular epidemic does not cause too much coughing, but you can feel it in the chest, but anyway hit them hard and fast, and as I say, as far as I can tell there is no toxic dose of ascorbic acid as long as you are taking it with water. I don’t want anybody to be taking huge doses of ascorbate if they are dry. Now, to give an example,

I had one person years ago who had a fungal infection and was given some two antibiotics by the infectious disease people that made him so sick that he was not eating or drinking,

but he observed that when he took about 6 g of ascorbic acid every hour pretty much dry tablets that he felt so much better and so he did this for three or four days and his kidneys shut down,

and so then when they rehydrated him and he was off the ascorbate for a few days, fortunately he had gotten the yeast and he is perfectly okay, the kidneys have absolutely recovered and the theory was that it was oxalate crystals, not stones but crystals,

and so out of 30000 people, this has happened only once and this guy was one of the biggest vitamin C takers I have ever seen and so that is why, it was under unusual circumstances, so that is why I am saying when you take ascorbate make sure you do not become dehydrated because this might happen.”

Sick & Elderly need more nutrients, Klenner vs RDA, Maintenance dose fluctuations

dr robert cathcart md 10 Sick & Elderly need more nutrients, Klenner vs RDA, Maintenance dose fluctuations

“Well, see there is only about 1 or 2 days in medical school where they teach you about scurvy, beriberi, pellagra, rickets, the extreme absence of certain nutrients cause these diseases.

They don’t talk about this concept and they don’t believe this concept that as people get older that we get less efficient or if we are sick we need more nutrients,

I mean for instance to believe that you don’t need more vitamin C when you are sick is about as stupid as to believe that it takes just as much gasoline to run a car 100 miles an hour as it does 10 miles an hour, you see,

I mean when the body is in a fight for its life it needs these nutrients you see and so that is why the recommended daily allowance,

we call it the ridiculous daily allowance is just absolutely totally inadequate when a person is sick or when they are getting old and inefficient in their absorption of nutrients or if they have some genetically determined metabolic defect in their body you see.

I mean you might have some defect where you lack the enzymes that you absorb zinc, may be you only absorb 1/10th the amount of zinc that you ought to, well but that is okay, you just take 10 times the amount of zinc and then you totally bypass the block genetically you see.

But as far as the maintenance dose, Klenner had an idea that I have no objection to is 1 g per year of life up to 10 years, so 10 g for a 10-year-old and then adults would take 10 g a day basically,

but I am would add to this too that I think everybody should try to titrate to bowel tolerance and see where their tolerance is and then lower that down to a comfortable maintenance dose.

Now lets say for instance that your bowel tolerance is something like 15 g or just 20 g or something like that when you really push it,
well and you are still young and you haven’t reached what I call the age of wrinkles,
then may be a 5, 10 g a day maintenance dose would be okay,

but lets say you are a young person and you find that you can take 35 to 45 g a day without getting diarrhea,
well then you know you have a burn on in your body,
you know you have got something that is making free radicals,
maybe it is an allergy, maybe it is Epstein-Barr, maybe it is herpes 6, maybe it is candida,
but it is something where the body would benefit by taking near to bowel tolerance doses all the time.

Now, one of the things that sometimes happens when you do that,
lets say you find that you’ve got a bowel tolerance of 35 g and so you start taking close to 35 g.
After several weeks you may find that your tolerance is dropping
and what is happening there is you are probably knocking off the bug that was making the free radicals that allowed you to take the 35 g,

so sometimes people will find that their bowel tolerance to ascorbic acid decreases over a period of time.
Now, sometimes that will be permanent, but then sometimes, say you are down to 15 g a day having been able to take 35 g at first
and then you are down to 15 g and then let us say you don’t take it for a few days you may find that you suddenly bounce back up to 35 g again.

See, sometimes you will and sometimes you will not, depends upon whether or not the body has been able to knock off the bug completely or not.”

Stabilizing The Chronically Ill for better results with Ascorbic Acid

11 Stabilizing The Chronically Ill for better results with Ascorbic Acid

“See, all these easy magnificent results I got up at Incline Village with these otherwise healthy people.

Now, then unfortunately we have this situation wherein more civilized areas, it is the chronically ill people that get interested in orthomolecular medicine and they are a pain as far as ascorbic acid in concerned. I mean, they have ulcers, they have food and chemical sensitivities they have all sorts of ideas about what they are allergic to and not allergic to and you got to fight all these things you see and you have to almost baby them into it and so that is why the part of the skill of all this is that you put them on the anti-yeast program which cleans up the bowel which then may be they become more tolerant to C, sometimes you have to give them 50:50 sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid mixes at first.

Some people have tremendous amounts of gas with ascorbic acid. Now, the average person off the street does not do that, but these chronically ill people sometimes will have tremendous amounts of gas, and so then we have to have them watch the foods that they eat, see because there is no question that ascorbic acid in low doses causes a little gas, moderate doses moderate gas, large amount large amount of gas, huge amount no gas.

It is interesting that it seems to kill the bowel flora that makes the gas and what I mean about 100 g or so, if you have a cold and take these huge doses, you think it would blow your guts out, but it does not you see, but then one interesting thing when you are killing the flora you will worry about Staph enteritis or something or other like that happening afterwards. I have never seen an adverse flora grow back first when a person took massive doses of ascorbate which is an interesting phenomenon.

I think may be the reason for that is that for millions of years of evolution, the animals had ascorbate in their bodies and the bacteria that we grew up with in the evolutionary sense were used to ascorbate and now it is the bacteria and fungus and so forth that grow in sugar in the junk foods that we eat now that are pathologic and they are knocked off by the ascorbate and do not grow back as well as the good bacteria do.”

Dosage for Pregnancy & Lactation, Dr. Klenner’s Vitamin C babies

dr robert cathcart md 12 Dosage for Pregnancy & Lactation, Dr. Klenner’s Vitamin C babies

“Oh yeah, well, again we have this situation where I would modify his recommendations slightly depending upon what the woman’s bowel tolerance was, but I think as a matter of fact the first trimester he would give them about 5 g a day, the second trimester 10, and the third 15 or something like that

and it is sort of interesting that when I first heard about this vitamin C thing and began to experience myself, in Medical Tribune there is an editor named Sackler, who is a great medical philosopher and he was very interested in all this stuff and he published some letters about Klenner

and so I called Reedsville, North Carolina, the operator there and asked for the local hospital. It turned out it was the Bonney Dune Hospital and I asked to talk to the head nurse there and when I got her on the phone, I said well who is this Fred Klenner, and she said well he is a great doctor

and she said you must be calling about this vitamin C thing and I said yes,then she says well it works,and I said well do the other doctors do it, and she said no,and I said well why not, and she said well I don’t know, but it works,

and then she proceeded to tell me about the vitamin C babies, how healthy they were and how they didn’t cry very much and they would raise their heads up and look around as the other kids were ranting and raving and as I said in general how healthy they were

and Klenner did not do episiotomies, that the women didn’t tear when they had birth, I mean you figure we have been the product of millions of years of evolution, why should the bottom of a woman tear when she is giving natural child birth,

well the fact of the matter is, it is because of all this nutritional deficiency, the tissues break down, they get stretch marks and all this, zinc deficiency, vitamin C deficiency all have to do with these break downs of tissue,

well when you give the person good amount of all these nutrients they don’t tear. They just strictly stretch and have a normal child birth and everything is okay.

So, anyway, that was my original introduction into ascorbate is hearing about Klenner’s work.”

Ascorbic acid VS Sodium Ascorbate – Oral versus IV C

dr robert cathcart md 13-ascorbic-acid-vs-sodium-ascorbate-oral-versus-iv-c

“Oh, may be the dose four times a day, may be taking 2-3 g four times a day to start, and do not worry about meals.

Now, this I think the most effective form is ascorbic acid. Then this gets complicated if a person has ulcers.

well, this is what I call the ascorbate effect.
I find it is more effective with ascorbic acid orally.

Now, we can get the ascorbate effect with sodium ascorbate intravenously,

but I find that sodium ascorbate orally is not quite as powerful as ascorbic acid by mouth.

Now, if you cannot take ascorbic acid, like you have ulcers, like if my slap myself that does not hurt, but if I had a sunburn it would, so ascorbic acid on an ulcer may hurt, it may heal the ulcer after a while, but at first it might hurt.

So, then what we do is sort of baby people into taking it by making it 50:50 mix of ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate or even use other types of buffered vitamin C to build up.

Now, magnesium ascorbate is a great way to get magnesium in, but remember that magnesium is a laxative so that does not count as far as the diarrhea is concerned if you are taking magnesium ascorbate.

everything that I have been saying about titrating to bowel tolerance has been based upon the taking of ascorbic acid.

Now, the intravenous since you cannot take ascorbic acid by vein, you need sodium ascorbate.

See, we figure that only about a 7th of the ascorbic acid that we take by mouth ever gets into the blood stream, whereas 100% of the sodium ascorbate that we take by vein by definition gets in the veins

so that we find that even though the sodium ascorbate is only about half as strong as the ascorbic acid, seven times as much gets in the body so it’s about three and a half times more powerful,

so the doses of sodium ascorbate when we treat a disease by vein, like say if you have a 100-g cold that is a cold that would allow you to take 100-g of ascorbic acid by mouth probably 40 to 50 g by vein would do it,

but the thing is since there is absolutely no side reaction to sodium ascorbate by vein we found that we just put 60 g inside of a 500 cc bottle of lactated ringers
and we give one or two bottles of 60 to 120 g, it is not a big deal as to how much it takes because we can overshoot with complete harmlessness you see,

I mean, people just do not have a bad effect from sodium ascorbate by vein,
so rather than risk not giving enough we give too much and the other thing with a very serious disease you would give the sodium ascorbate intravenously
as fast and as much as necessary to break the fever, to break the symptoms you see,

so that even though I haven’t treated something like Ebola, if somebody had Ebola,
I would be giving them intravenous vitamin C may be 180 g a day or may be 300 g a day,
I don’t know, whatever it took at whatever rate it took to break the temperature to break the fever.”

Toxicity Claims & Counter Arguments

Counter Argument – Expensive Urine

dr robert cathcart md 14a Expensive Urine
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, counters the expensive urine argument. Where critics claim anything beyond small amounts of vitamin C just spill over into the urine.

“Yeah, well some of the arguments that have been used against vitamin C is, first off there was a study in young healthy men which showed
that when you take over 2 g that there is a saturation of the blood stream and the rest of it spills out in the urine.
Well, this is not quite true.

What we are interested in is the amount of ascorbate in the tissue involved by the disease, so think of the analogy of a big pie pan with just narrow edges
and that you cannot put in water fast enough to bring the level up over the edges of the pad,
that it all spills out, but what the diseased areas would be like a hole in the center of the pan

and what we are interested in is the amount of ascorbate that goes down into that hole to neutralize the free radicals generated by the disease.
We don’t care about the ascorbate that is spilled over the sides
and that is the reason why these studies of blood levels of vitamin C don’t really indicate anything.

What you go to do is find the levels of ascorbate within the cells of the diseased tissue, but actually I don’t know how you would do that, but you really don’t have to because the fact of the matter is that when you use doses high enough it simply erases the symptoms. It just always does it and so there is really not much reason to do double blind studies and stuff like that. ”

Counter Argument – Kidney Stones

dr robert cathcart md 15 Kidney Stones
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, counters the argument that too much vitamin C can cause kidney stones.In fact he uses vitamin C, B6 and Magnesium to resolve kidney stones.

“The other criticism was that it would cause oxalate kidney stones.
Well, no one has ever been able to come up with a series of patients showing that it would cause oxalate kidney stones.
Believe me, that would be an easily, easily published articles if anyone would be able to do that and they have not been able to do it.

Well, but then the question is why is that ascorbate does not cause oxalate kidney stone because it is quite true that those of us who take ascorbate have high oxalic acid in our urine,
like my oxalic acid in my urine is three times normal, but no kidney stones.

Well, it turns out that if you section a calcium oxalate kidney stone there is always s a nidus of infection in the middle of it. Now, they are called saying it is a nano bacteria and the stone grows around this nidus of bacteria like a pearl grows around a piece of sand in the oyster

and so the thing is that we may have the most expensive urine in town, but we also have the cleanest urine in town, is that the ascorbate being spilled in the urine when you take large amount is sterilizing the urine and in fact some urologists are beginning to use this in people who have to have indwelling catheters all the time to keep them from getting infected and so anyway that seems to be the reason why we don’t get kidney stones.

I have given over 30000 people massive doses of ascorbate since 1969
and I have seen one or two cases of stones,
but they really were not taking the high doses and out of 30000 I don’t think that is very many,
and as a matter of fact, at least in one of them what we did was to up the vitamin C and give them B6 and magnesium
and then they didn’t have any more kidney stones.

Adel Davis years ago had talked about how oxalate kidney stones resulted from a deficiency of B6 and magnesium
and we have found that to be true and a good treatment for these things,

but I do say that people who take massive doses of ascorbate should drink a fair amount of water
and you should never become dehydrated when you are taking massive doses
because you might actually get oxalate crystals in the urine,
but there you wont have trouble as long as you drink a lot of water. ”

Counter Argument – Mayo Clinic Cancer Trial

dr robert cathcart md - Counter Argument - Mayo Clinic Cancer Trial
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, counters the argument that the Mayo Clinic failed to replicate the Linus Pauling trials of Vitamin C and Cancer in Vale of Leven. The Mayo Clinic only gave oral C for a short period whereas Pauling gave 10g of IV C continuously to his subjects.

“Now, there have been other studies like the Mayo Clinic study,
I really don’t remember the details, it was so Mickey Moused,
they used patient’s who had had chemotherapy before
and they only did small amounts and so forth.

It just was not valid and besides that when Linus Pauling was on the right track about vitamin C and cancer,
but when he wrote the book he did not realize the massive doses that would be necessary to do this in some cases
and so now as we are getting to higher and higher doses,
we are getting better and better results because as I say

the treatment of cancer does not depend upon neutralizing of free radicals in my opinion.
It has to do with this formation of peroxide in every cell of the body.”

Quack Busters vs Scientific Method

dr robert cathcart md 17 Quack Busters vs Scientific Method
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, counters the argument that vitamin C can’t do all the things he claims because his experience proves they do. That the scientific method was you did experiments and the facts should determine the theory, not the theory the facts.

“You know I think one of the great theories of medicine,
you know these quack busters, considering that they are saying that we are not being scientific.

Well, the way I learned the scientific method was you did experiments
and the facts should determine the theory, not the theory the facts.

I mean, I am constantly having doctors tell me that vitamin C can’t do this and that
because of such and such you see,
but the fact of the matter is that it does do it,
so they should change their becauses because of this.

Now, as I say, I have given over 30000 patients massive doses of vitamin C since 1969
and we have just not seen any increase in cancer
and in fact if anything we have seen a decrease in cancer,
so if in vitro there are different studies that show this
and that chemical may be changed, I am not very impressed with that.

You know, I just really didn’t pay much attention to that because it just didn’t happen.
The facts should determine the theory and the fact of the matter is that vitamin C is just simply not toxic.”

Expensive Urine pt2 – No Diarrhea On Massive Doses When ill

dr robert cathcart md 14b Expensive Urine pt2
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how spillover still goes through blood to get there. A sick person can take as much as 10-20 times the amount of vitamin C when sick than what would cause them diarrhea when healthy. Showing that the body is indeed needing and using it along the way when ill.

“Oh yeah, well that has to do with the renal threshold is that lets say for instance if that study that shows that there is a maximum effect of 2 g a day,
that just means that if you take over that amount it is spilling out in the urine, you see, but it was in the blood stream to get there,

but now if then there is some black hole in the body’s metabolism somewhere where it is generating huge amounts of free radicals
then that extra dose of ascorbate will go down that hole you might say rather than going out in the urine.

I mean, quite obviously if the average person gets, now see, when they take an overload of vitamin C first of all most of it goes out in the urine, but finally it gets to the point where it creates diarrhea and you are loosing it through the stools,

so if the average person with a strong stomach is getting diarrhea at 10 to 15 g per 24 hours, but then that same person can take 200 g when they have got mononucleosis without diarrhea.

Obviously, this is going somewhere and we think what it is doing is neutralizing the free radicals generated by the disease process. So, all these studies that are working with people who are well just don’t have anything to do with this thing that we are talking about with the treatment of disease.

It is the people who are sick that should be studied and find out what the devil is happening with these huge doses of vitamin C when you are sick.”

Massive Doses Of Nutrients Have Visible Effects

dr robert cathcart md 18 Massive Doses Of Nutrients Have Visible Effects

“Well, yes, they are trying to help cancer patients.
I frankly think that the vast majority of physicians just don’t believe that, believe that the vitamin C can do these things.

You know, when I went to medical school they taught us a day or two of nutrition where they taught us about scurvy, beriberi, pellagra and rickets
and that was it, and the very strong implication was that massive doses of nutrients above those certain amounts did not do any good

and so I think most physicians who have not had time to think about it really believe this,
that it wont do any good, but the fact of the matter is that when we try these things then they do have an effect.

Now, why would this be?

Now, when a person actually gets sick, they have some metabolic defects so that they may not be absorbing nutrients or utilizing nutrients the way that a healthy person should utilize them.

Just for example, I have found that a large percentage of elderly people will feel a lot better with B12, folic acid and B100 shots.

Now, there is no precedence, but the old GPs used to this, but then when they got more scientific and they couldn’t come up with any reason for this they stopped doing it, but nevertheless these people feel better.

I have now had three ladies in their 90s who are pretty sharp, but they gave a history that they had to stop playing bridge a few years ago because they could not remember the cards anymore.
Well, within a week of getting their B12 shots, they were out playing cards again.

So, the metabolic, see we get inefficient in our absorption of nutrients and our utilization of nutrients and so forth like that as we get older or with certain metabolic, even genetically determined defects

and so let’s say if you have a defect where you are not absorbing zinc properly, then you might get something like acne.

Here is an example that teenage boys very frequently get acne when they go through puberty.
Now, somehow or another this zinc deficiency creates suppression of the immune system that lets this puny bacteria take advantage of this.

Well, the conventional treatment for this is to use something like Tetracycline to knock off the bacteria,
but the problem is that that does not cure the zinc deficiency
and so that kid now when he gets 50 or 60 years old is likely to have a heart attack from a zinc deficiency,

so we look upon acne as a precursor warning sign of a zinc deficiency in teenage kids you see.
Now, if they didn’t eat junk food, probably they would not get the zinc deficiency,
you see, so a lot of these thing sort of compound up, ”

No Large Scale Studies

dr robert cathcart md 19 No Large Scale Studies, Acute Hepatitis

“Basically I would say that where medicine is really going wrong these days is that the drug companies can only research drugs that are patentable which means that all of the natural substances of which the body is made are not patentable.

Now, it takes 200 million dollars to get a new drug through the FDA, so who is going to spend 200 million dollars trying to get a natural substance through the FDA, you see.

So, they say well it has not been proven scientifically.

Well, the definition of proving something scientifically is to spend 200 million dollars to prove a drug to the satisfaction of the FDA and we see what happens there is drugs like Vioxx get approved that sometimes kill people whereas nobody can come up with 200 million dollars to prove that vitamin C helps people.

So, therefore, vitamin C in their mind is not proven scientifically. ”

No Double Blind Studies, Acute Hepatitis

dr robert cathcart md 20 No Double Blind Studies, Acute Hepatitis

“Another problem that we have like with the treatment of hepatitis, acute hepatitis A, B, C;

I don’t mean chronic hepatitis,
I mean acute hepatitis is that my experience has been that intravenous vitamin C knocks out acute infectious hepatitis so easily and quickly

that it is unethical for me to do a double blind study.
I mean if a patient comes to me and has hepatitis
I know this treatment works and so we do it

and it always works and it would be unethical for me
not to give a patient intravenous vitamin C.
So, therefore, it can’t be proven scientifically.”

Educating Doctors VS the Public, Laws Protect Industry

dr robert cathcart md 21 Educating Doctors VS the Public, Laws Protect Industry

“Well, Linus Pauling for instance had written several articles that were refused by medical journals.

I myself have tried to send letters to the editor of various different journals and they will not publish them,

although I did have one letter that got accepted to Lancet about the increasing bowel tolerance with various different stages of AIDS
and then when they published that,

I followed it with another article about how bowel tolerance was increased in all sorts of diseases depending upon the toxicity and they would not publish that.

So, my experience with talking to physicians like when I go to Stanford and talk at their conferences, they just won’t listen and there just seems to be a resistance against this and like I say when I was using vitamin C in my orthopedic practice in Mills Hospital in San Mateo, all my referrals got cut off and I had to move up to Incline Village where I was the only doctor in town,

so the basic approach that has been to approach the public and have the public understand the effects of ascorbate because actually

after you understand how to titrate to bowel tolerance, if you have a good gut, then you are able to knock out a lot of the various different infectious diseases that effect us, colds and flues and things like that.

You know, if you have a complicated disease like an autoimmune disease or you have food and chemical sensitivities, massive doses of ascorbate may be helpful, but you need a professional to help you do it because you will have all sorts of troubles taking the amount of ascorbate necessary,

but just the average Joe off the street who is eating junk food and still relatively healthy, maybe he is going to have a heart attack when he is 60 years old, but as a young person he is still healthy and he has no allergies and all that, and then he gets a cold or a flu or mono or hepatitis or something or other like that.

These people can learn to knock the hell out of these diseases with massive doses of ascorbate
and so we are hoping that by getting the public knowledgeable of having to do this they will force the physicians to do it.

Now, as time has gone by, more and more physicians are getting into this. It is a slow process, but
right now we are worried about this thing called Codex of the European Union where they are trying to outlaw these massive doses of nutrients.

This is just a gross attempt to trying to sell drugs, because obviously people who, well myself as an example, with my hay fever I took two to three antihistamines a day for years and years and years, and since my discovery of how to treat it with ascorbate, I don’t use antihistamines anymore and darn few antibiotics

and so it is a disaster to the drug industry if people learned how to use proper doses of ascorbate.

So, we have to understand that what they are trying to do with Codex is to prevent the use of these nutrients because they cut down on the sales of drugs.

Now, of course this is genocide, but that that does not make any difference.”

Vitamin C Experts & Toxicity

dr robert cathcart md 22 Vitamin C Experts & Toxicity

“So, so far we just have had no blood problems with ascorbate, the blood just seems to love ascorbate. The kidneys seem to love ascorbate.

The liver certainly detoxifies things, you know the liver is the great detoxifier and all it does is it takes some of the job away from it.

So, all these stories about ascorbate being toxic to the body in different ways, I just have not seen it.

This brings up a very interesting point about experts in medicine, is that if you go to court and they get an expert on vitamin C

this will be somebody who may be is the head of the nutrition department at a hospital or something rather like that and he is considered an expert, but he has not used massive doses of vitamin C on anybody and he does not refer to the studies of anybody who has used massive doses, so,

I mean, Webster’s dictionary has got this peculiar definition of expert, somebody who has experience, whereas in the medical profession an expert is one who says what the orthodoxy wants to hear

and so that if you are an expert in vitamin C you become a quack because I tell you, I could name 10 or 15 people around the world who actually use massive doses of vitamin C in patients and they all agree with each other you see, but they are not the ones that would be brought in if there was a trial or anything you see.”

Interaction With Blood thinners (Coumadin)

dr robert cathcart md 24 Blood disorders that might cause complications with IV C

“Now, then there is the problem of Coumadin, you brought up the coagulation of the blood and there is some thought that ascorbate would neutralize the effect of Coumadin. Now, I have never had a patient who was on Coumadin, who was taking massive doses of ascorbate who had any difficulty with this,

but one caution I would make would be that if you are taking ascorbate when they are adjusting the dose of the Coumadin and you are taking a dose of Coumadin assuming that you are taking a certain amount of ascorbate all the time, don’t stop the ascorbate suddenly because the Coumadin then might make you bleed to death you see,

but as far as blood clots being caused by the use of ascorbate despite the taking of Coumadin, I haven’t seen that happen.”

Blood disorders that might cause complications with IV C

dr robert cathcart md 24 Blood disorders that might cause complications with IV C

“Yeah, well there was a story years ago about this one black fellow who had a burn the size of a silver dollar on his hand and was given intravenous ascorbic acid, now that is what the articles says, and then he died of kidney failure.

He had G6PD deficiency and there’s a thought that G6PD deficiency would cause hemolysis of the blood if exposed to ascorbate.
Well, that never did make sense to me.

I never was able to get with the authors of that book, that article, and they did say ascorbic acid, not sodium ascorbate.
I mean, you just don’t give ascorbic acid intravenously.

So, I don’t know what was going on there, but I published an article that talked about that and asked for anybody who had a person with G6PD deficiency had trouble with ascorbate to please contact me,

and so far there has not been anybody that has done it because G6PD deficiency causes hemolysis of the blood when there is an oxidative redox potential and since ascorbate in large doses causes a reducing redox potential, I cannot understand how that happens.

Now, it could be that if you had a very serious disease and gave small doses of ascorbate and not enough to reduce the oxidative redox potential you could have trouble and then for political reasons the ascorbate would be blamed for it, but my thought at first would be that they did not give enough to force the reducing redox potential.”

Drugs better tolerated with C, 1/2 PDR drug side effects

dr robert cathcart md 25 Drugs better tolerated with C, 1:2 PDR drug side effects

“You know, I think that PDR would have to be re-written, you know the physician’s S reference,
at least half of it is just complications of these drugs and a lot of these complications are induced nutritional deficits
and we would find that if we would make a vitamin with this and that nutrient, particularly vitamin C that a lot of these drugs would be better tolerated,

not that I want to push the drugs because if you give the nutrients properly, you probably would not need the drugs in most cases in the first place, but that one would be more tolerant to the drug if they took the nutrients.”

Sewage Plant Water Sterilized by Vitamin C

dr robert cathcart md 26 Sewage Plant Water Sterilized by Vitamin C

“Now, the other thing was and I don’t know how important this is,
I had a patient up in Incline whose job was with the Improvement District and his job was to culture the water in the lake and water going into the sewage plant, the water coming out of the sewage plant, and he was convinced about how ascorbate works.

So he took a liter of water and put a drop of the feces filled water going into the sewage plant into this liter of water, put a gram of ascorbic acid and then shook it up and cultured it every 15 minutes. In two hours, it was sterile.

So there is a direct killing effect of ascorbic acid at least on bacteria,

so you know, there are just so many experiments that could be done, but all I can tell you is that it works.”

Vitamin C used properly would bankrupt every hospital in this country, CODEX

dr robert cathcart md 27 Vitamin C used properly would bankrupt every hospital in this country, CODEX

“they are going to try and push it across on the United States and Canada based upon the idea that to be part of the World Trade Organization they have got to have continuity of laws. Well, you know, this was pushed by these chemical companies that known darn well that the more vitamin C and the more nutrients that are sold, the less drugs are sold. vitamin C used properly would bankrupt every hospital in this country.”

Hospitals are scurvy houses. Should be giving IV C

dr robert cathcart md 28 Hospitals are scurvy houses. Should be giving IV C

“you know how many times have you heard of people going into the hospital for one disease
and they are about ready to get well and then get another disease, and then they just sort of die.

Well, see it takes several weeks for real scurvy to develop and so that the first disease may start the scurvy out and then the second disease finishes it off and that kills them, and so they start getting all these secondary infections and all sorts of trouble with blood coagulation, bleeding, and stuff like that, and so I call the hospital scurvy houses, is that they should be using massive doses of ascorbate.

I tell you if I was Czar of medicine, everybody who was admitted to a hospital would have intravenous vitamin C going or else the doctor in his own handwriting would have a 10-page handwritten report as to why not, you see, and we would stop this.

It is just when people get sick, see that is the whole thing about this titrating to bowel tolerance and what it revealed was that
when a person with mononucleosis can take 200 g of ascorbic acid a day without having diarrhea,
it takes a fool not to recognize that something is happening,
that the vitamin C is getting burned up at this tremendous rate,

well the reason why you don’t die suddenly is because it really take scurvy a few weeks to kill you, you see,
so by that time in most cases the antibodies have gotten rid of the disease
and so the person slowly recovers,

you know they may be fatigued for a long time and have this and that complications,
but if you are able to avert his whole process by giving massive doses of C, they snap right out of it.”

Vitamin C In Prevention / Treatment Of


Irwin Stone & Addiction

dr robert cathcart md 29 Irwin Stone & Addiction

“Irwin Stone thought that the reason why people had difficulties with heroin and also we find that ascorbate neutralizes barbiturates and cocaine and morphine and things like that is that Irwin Stone thought that there were receptor sites in the brain which were receptor sites for ascorbate which are empty in the case of humans and that these various different molecules fitted those receptor site and their end sticks out and does these crazy things, but these receptor sites far prefer ascorbate so that when you have a person like with heroin, you flood them with sodium ascorbate and it knocks out the heroin out of their brain and they don’t have withdrawals.”

FDA VS Falconi, Drug Addiction Rehab kit

dr robert cathcart md FDA VS Falconi, Drug Addiction Rehab kit30 FDA VS Falconi, Drug Addiction Rehab kit

“Well all I can say about that is that I and Oscar and well Linus Pauling went up to testify and I think Irwin Stone testified, it had to do with this treatment for I think it was heroin addiction or something,

this little kit, he had these vitamin C kits that he was advertising as a treatment for these drug addictions and you know our experience would be that they worked and so we just testified to that effect, but then they did not pay much attention to that

and so they took Oscar’s, I don’t know what they did to him, he will have to tell you more about that, but he got very discouraged.

He was a big mover in orthomolecular medicine before that happened.”



dr robert cathcart md 31 AIDS

“About 1983 was when I first heard about AIDS and I had to try vitamin C on it because it had been so successful with all the other acute viral diseases.

Now, this turned out to be a key, is that AIDS is not an acute virus.

It is a chronic virus, but then I would take the people to bowel tolerance, and get them off sugar, and give them zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, cod liver oil, B vitamins, and it was definitely prolonging their life but was not curing it.

Intravenous vitamin C would cut down the Kaposi sarcoma, it was pretty amazing, you know early in the AIDS epidemic at least half the people in San Francisco had Kaposi sarcoma
and when you gave these patients intravenous vitamin C, the Kaposies would fade away,

but anyway, see I am down in the peninsula from San Francisco and I was going up to San Francisco to treat these patients and finally it was getting too expensive for me, and so we sort of came out that only the patients that came down the peninsula would be seen.

Well, I had this one young gay guy who came in and approached me differently than anybody else ever had. He said I have a lot of money, I will do anything you say.

Well, I was waiting for this and he hired special nurses and he got intravenous vitamin C 60 g a day, oh he came in with a T helper cell count of 5, and so he went on all this program I was prescribing,

he was taking up to 200 g of ascorbic acid a day, regularly you are taking 100 g a day of ascorbic acid plus 60 g intravenously
and in three months his T helper cell count was up to over 500 which was normal and now he is still alive today as far as I know. I saw him about two years ago.

He was moving back East and he was in perfect health except that he was still HIV positive.

At this point, I stopped seeing AIDS patients because if a person comes to me and I cannot afford to treat him and they cannot afford the treatment and the insurance companies will not pay for the treatment, then I just cannot bear to treat the patients.

So, I wrote this up and sent it to various different gay magazines and tried to get them to publish it, but they wouldn’t.

And, how long ago was it that you originally treated him when he came in with?

It was about 1985.

Twenty years ago.

And he has actually gone up to, now understand in 1985 he had a T helper cell count of 5, so three months later he is over 500.

He has been up. He has tried various different things and one thing he tried was this AZT
and early on the doses were so high that they knocked his white count down, way down,
and we had to save him with a triple B shot I was talking about.

We got him out of that and now he says he does go up and he gets the triple therapy in San Francisco sometimes
and he says he will be sitting in the waiting room with his gay colleagues who are dying of liver failure and kidney failure and so forth from the drugs,

and he says he has never had any trouble whatsoever with any of these poisons they give him because he takes these massive doses of ascorbate all the time.”

AIDS, IV C & Oral C + Anti-Yeast Program

dr robert cathcart md 32 AIDS, IV C & Oral C + Anti-Yeast Program

“Well, as far as the treatment of AIDS is concerned, back when I was treating a lot of AIDS patients we found that the intravenous vitamin C had a marked effect on Kaposi sarcoma as far as knocking the lesions down. Also, it would bring up T helper cell counts, the intravenous vitamin C would.

Oral vitamin C with all of the anti-yeast program and all the other nutrients would help and bring T helper cell counts up, but see part of the problem here is that I was not quite sure how fanatical these patients were with following the instructions.

There was no question that in the patients who absolutely went on this program, they went into profound remissions for long periods of time.

It was almost as if, if a patient survived the AIDS long enough, that they seemed to then be one that it was not going to take them out very rapidly.

Really, I am being a little bit vague here because I sort of lost interest in AIDS when I realized that intravenous vitamin C would really have a profound effect on the AIDS and I was unable to press that for legal and insurance reasons.

I know that is not satisfactory.”

AIDS, Triple Therapy Destruction of Liver & Kidneys Stopped by Mega Dose C

dr robert cathcart md 33 AIDS, Triple Therapy Destruction of Liver & Kidneys Stopped by Mega Dose C

“all these figures in this work I have done was done before the triple therapy came out and I am not going to put down the triple therapy completely. I think that now short of the intravenous vitamin C all the time,

I think that this program would ameliorate the symptoms of the triple therapy so much that it would be a great addition to it.

In other words, I think that you would not see the kidney failures and the liver failures and so forth like that if they were on huge doses of C and the other nutrients.

So, I would say that really this is how it was in the 1980s, and now in the 2000s with the triple therapy they do work to a certain extent you know.”

Allergies, Asthma, Venom, Anaphylaxis

Chemical Sensitivities VS Toxicity, Food Allergies, Drugs VS Natural substances

dr robert cathcart md 34 Chemical Sensitivities VS Toxicity, Food Allergies, Drugs VS Natural substances

“and then the chemicals that we eat, I mean there are things like aspartame which break down into a small amount of methanol which is a sort of brain toxin and it is only a tiny amount so that only the people who are most sensitive have trouble with it.

This brings up the subject of chemical sensitivities like take mercury.

Now, any fool knows that mercury is toxic, but it is a matter of amount. Lets say a tiny amount which is mercury fillings probably does not obviously cause trouble in the vast majority of people, I mean maybe it knocks their IQ down five points,
I don’t know whether it does or not, but there is a significant minority of people who are very sensitive to this mercury you see and so the dental profession will be arguing toxicity all the time when we should be thinking about sensitivity you see and there are just some people who just cannot tolerate the slightest amount of mercury
or some people for some reason or other they cannot stand the slightest amount of formaldehyde or perfumes or things like that.

The average person tolerates the glues under the rugs or the chemicals coming off paints and stuff like that, but there is a small minority of people that are so sensitive to these things that they cannot tolerate these things.

Now, vitamin C in high doses increases the tolerance to these things to a certain extent. I don’t like to see people exposing themselves to chemicals because they are able to stand them with ascorbic acid if they are sensitive to them, but it does help.

We have many chemically sensitive people like who cannot stand perfumes which they find if they are saturated with C all the time then they can go into crowds where women will be wearing perfumes and function pretty normally, sometimes they can but sometimes they cannot.

so, then of the other nutrients, oh like arthritis of the fingers, the distal joints of the fingers is frequently caused by the night shades, tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, red and green pepper, paprika and tobacco.

Many of the GI tract troubles are caused by gluten.

Now, the medial profession recognizes celiac disease as being caused by gluten sensitivities, but I am here to tell you that a lot of irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis and various other diseases of the gut are also aggravated by gluten and so one should always try to be off gluten sensitivities.

We mentioned before that gluten can sometimes cause schizophrenia in some very susceptible people.

We talked about the zinc deficiency at puberty sometimes causing acne, the B vitamins or B12 deficiency, the folic acid deficiency.

There is a great amount of interest now in homocystine being the cause of arteriosclerosis and now they are saying that certain neurologic diseases, even Alzheimer’s disease may have a certain component of homocystine being the cause of this and this could be countered by the taking of folic acid.

So, the person who has a defect and folic acid deficiency, folic acid metabolism, might not be able to get by on the folic acid that the average person is able to get by on and particularly as they get older they cannot get by on that amount, so that is why supplementing with this thing.

Now, one might say, well this is not natural, well believe me I am not all in favor of what is natural. I want to point out that rattle snakes and black widow spiders are natural and so not everything that is natural is good,

so that as our metabolism gets less efficient as we get older and one of our objective is try to live comfortably in older age, this then gives us justification for doing some unnatural things, but usually with natural substances,

you see what I mean to counter a deficiency in the metabolism of a certain natural substance, you don’t want to take a drug,
you want to take more of that natural substance to compensate for that inefficiency in metabolizing that substance.
I mean, this is also terribly logical.

Why cannot people think this way, because it is not patentable? It does not pay a drug company to push this you see, and so these natural substances don’t have sponsors.”

Vitamin C & Food Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity, Ulcerative Colitis

dr robert cathcart md 35 Food Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity, Ulcerative Colitis

“Now, in cases of allergy, of course it is better to avoid the food that causes the allergy completely,
but it is true that sometimes massive doses of vitamin C will take the edge off of allergies,
so that can be used in conjunction with this other thing.

Remember, people who have gluten sensitivity frequently have GI tract difficulties

like I had one patient who had had three operations on his gut for ulcerative colitis
and had something like 80% of his intestines removed and he came in to see me
and he was still having trouble with his GI tract

and we took him off gluten and within a week all his GI tract troubles were gone.
Now, he was missing 80% of his bowel and that was too bad.

See, doctors don’t look into food and chemical sensitivities the way they ought to,
They are just interested in drugs, drugs, drugs.”

Food Allergies, Vioxx & Arthritis

dr robert cathcart md 36 Food Allergies, Vioxx & Arthritis

“So that, many of these diseases are caused by food and chemical sensitivities.

Now, like say for instance this recent thing about Vioxx,
they say well you know we have got to let it back on the market
because even though it killed some people that these people’s lives are being destroyed by their arthritis
and that everything has been done that could be done
and only Vioxx helps them.

Well, it has not been done, in other words, a lot of people with degenerative arthritis are sensitive to night shades which are tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, red and green pepper, paprika and tobacco
they have never been tried off those
and then there are other types of arthritis which can be caused by like milk allergies, gluten allergies or various different allergies
and they have never been tried off these foods

and they have never been exposed to an all over program where they have been given certain nutrients like high doses of glucosamine sulfate along with vitamin C, zinc, manganese, chromium and selenium
and taken off the food and chemical sensitivities to treat their arthritis.

Now, when all that is done,
well then may be you can say that everything has been done that could be done,
but until you do those things, no, the simplest things have not been done against these arthritises.
So, it does not justify using a dangerous drug on them.

When you say arthritis, is all the joint pain necessarily linked to that or what else is recommended for joint pain.

Well, now see joint pain, anything the matter with joints is termed arthritis,
it means inflammation of the joint,

so there are things like osteoarthritis which is mostly a noninflammatory arthritis.

People get osteoarthritis of the fingers
and almost all of that is caused by night shades,

but then they get osteoarthritis of the hips and the knees,
it may contribute to that, but that is not the only cause of those things.

Then, there is rheumatoid arthritis, the crippling type, which is sort of an autoimmune disease and then there are various others, there is arthritis due to injuries and such.

So, there are different forms of arthritis.

The reason why glucosamine sulfate is helpful for many arthritis is not necessarily curative,
but you see like if a machine is wearing out, a joint in a machine, it just wears,
whereas with living beings there is a wear repair ratio that goes on and that the glucosamine helps to speed up the repair
and as long as the repair keeps up with the wear then the joints don’t deteriorate,

so at least it is something worth a try and the other nutrients like vitamin C in high doses,
zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, cod liver oil for the vitamin D and vitamin A, and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins like EPA,
they are in cod liver oil and fish oils in general, are all worthy of a try with all these different forms of arthritis before you start going to dangerous drugs.

I say they are dangerous because they are not natural substances.

You might say that these drug companies are obsessed with making things for space aliens because the thing is that the natural substances of which we are made are excluded from investigation because of the patent laws.

So, that they have to change the natural substance into some unnatural substance.”

Food & Chemical Sensitivities, Allergies

dr robert cathcart md 37 Food & Chemical Sensitivities, Allergies

“Then, with food and chemical sensitivities, now there a lot of work, you have to take a very careful history there and figure out what foods they are sensitive to,

some of the tips are that when a person craves, they may very much crave the very food they are sensitive to or quite obviously if they know that they have a bad reaction to a food then you cannot do that anymore.

Sugars, they are not allergic to sugar, they are allergic to what grows on sugar and allergic to the nutritional deficit induced by sugar. So, sugar is just forbidden for all of these allergic people you see, and so the other thing about that is, so the test will not show that they are allergic to sugar, but you got to stop it anyway

and then there are just food sensitivities that are just flat out poisons. It is like if you ate arsenic and died, you would not say you were allergic to arsenic and that seems to be like with the night shades. There is a toxin like in potatoes called solanine which is first cousin to atropine and scopolamine, so tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, red and green pepper, paprika and tobacco not necessarily show up on any allergy test, but they will cause reactions.

So, as I say, working up food and chemical sensitivities is a lot of work, but history is the most important thing. For the chemicals, you have to ask them about are they better at work or at home you know and if they go on vacation are they better. You start worrying about things like molds in the houses, you worry about gas in the houses, on the job, you think about chemicals. I have had people allergic to their computer, the out gassing of chemicals from their computers. Now, as far as chemical sensitivities are concerned, massive doses of ascorbate will take the edge off of a lot of them so that they become functional, but still it is not perfect and although we have had people with chemical sensitivities become 80 to 90% better, I still want them to avoid those allergic reactions.”

Food Allergies & Lyme Disease

dr robert cathcart md 38 Food Allergies & Lyme Disease

“See, one of the troubles with playing brinksmanship with food allergies and blocking symptoms is you may block the immediate symptom of the disease, but then god knows what it does to you next you see, so that is one of the things that we do in orthomolecular medicine is to try and find out these food and chemical sensitivities and get rid of them.

Now, one of the causes, believe it or not, and there is going to be great interest in this in the years coming is Lyme disease. Now, people think of that as being the tick bite disease, but it turns out that only may be half the people have had tick bites. We are finding that saliva and semen and mosquito bites will transmit Lyme disease,

used to be that Syphilis was a great imitator, now we are thinking Lyme disease is a great imitator and people with Lyme disease may accumulate heavy metals just because that the Lyme somehow or another makes the body accumulate heavy metal.

I mean, there was a conference about that in San Francisco just two weekends ago and it just blows my mind as to all the different things that this Lyme disease can be doing to people and one of the reasons why I am not an expert on Lyme disease is because, I mean I figure from listening to the symptoms they were talking about, which are symptoms in common with chronic candidiasis, hypothyroidism and all these other disease we treat is that the reason why I had not recognized them as Lyme disease is my program, my anti-yeast program and the vitamin C seems to control it just as well as the antibiotics do, so I did not then go on to do all these tests on people like that.”

Allergies & Immunoglobin E & A

dr robert cathcart md 39 Allergies & Immunoglobin E & A

“and that is another thing is that, see it used to be a thought that all these allergies were IgE mediated and that is immunoglobulin E, the antibody of the E family and so that the scratch test would show that and so the allergist would give shots you know for hay fever, grasses, trees, weeds, cats and things like that, but the food allergies are mostly, a lot of them are IgG which did not show up on the IgE test, well so then there is the IgE test or IgG test, but then some of them are like deficiencies of IgA.

IgA, imagine a situation where the body secretes antibodies into the gut that prevents the absorption of a substance that would cause an allergic reaction if it was absorbed into the body, so the deficiency of IgA would cause trouble and I don’t know of any specific tests for that. There are general tests for deficiencies of IgA”

Allergies, Fever, Asthma

dr robert cathcart md 40 Allergies, Fever, Asthma

“Yeah their IgE allergies and you know they can get breathing, cut down the breathing,

cause spasm of the bronchial tubes and have their heart stopped and things like that.

You know, hay fever and asthma, I am not completely sure the absolute differentiation between the two, but I mean, the huge doses of vitamin C ameliorates most hay fever and asthma too you see,

I mean like exercise-induced asthma, forget it, you just give massive doses of vitamin C before you exercise.”

Dr Klenner MD, venom, Penicillin, Anaphylaxis

dr robert cathcart md 41 Dr. Klenner MD, venom, Penicillin, Anaphylaxis
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how the late Dr Hugh Reardon of Wichita Kansas used IV Vitamin C to cure several types of cancer.

“Yes, I haven’t seen a snake bite yet which is unusual because we have rattle snakes in this area not too much,

but while I was up in Incline, this guy came in who had been bitten by a brown recluse spider and he had this egg sized lump on his forearm and he brought in this brown spider and he had just been bitten a few hours before and what you expect is that he may slough this tissue down to bone with this thing.

Well, I started massive doses of ascorbate and the next day you could not even see where he was bitten

and Klenner had described this, so apparently the ascorbate neutralizes the toxin of the brown recluse and it supposedly neutralizes the toxins of rattlesnakes
and I can tell you that like bee stings the anaphylaxis, see I think that anaphylaxis is acute induced scurvy and that we can prevent anaphylaxis with massive doses of vitamin C.

When I first went up to Incline, they were in the midst of a beta-hemolytic strep epidemic and we could culture beta-hemolytic strep out of everybody and so I was giving them penicillin, vitamin C and acidophilous and I went through 300 patients and not a single allergic reaction to penicillin which was highly unlikely because the published rate is about 3%.
I should have had about nine patients by that time that had allergic reaction to penicillin.

Well anyway, one day this guy came in who had gotten his penicillin elsewhere without the vitamin C

and he had the typical urticarial rash, the mosquito bite like rash all over his body and I seized the opportunity and gave him an intravenous injection of sodium ascorbate and within 15 minutes the rash was gone.

Well, this was about 1972 and so like a good physician I prescribed him some Benadryl and sent him home and the next day he came back for followup visit and he said why do you waste my money on the Benadryl, the rash never came back
and so I really do think that anaphylaxis is caused by acute vitamin C deficiency

and some of the other examples are like if you give a patient with mononucleosis penicillin, about half will break with a rash, if you give them ampicillin virtually 100% will break with a rash,

well what’s world’s champ at burning up vitamin C in my experience has been mononucleosis, you see, so you know we have that situation.

So with bee stings if you take enough ascorbate it takes the sting out of the bee right away and the swelling goes down, but it will take huge amounts to do this because you have got to drive the concentration into the tissues involved by the disease.

So, through intramuscular injection?

Well, I mean I have never tried to inject the sting itself, but I mean I have taken it orally myself. Frankly, this has been of myself and my family that have been able to do this. I have not had really people come in for bee stings, but I have had patients tell me that they have been able to neutralize.

Even patients that normally have allergies to bee stings.


May be I could just have to state for the camera anaphylaxis is allergic reaction shock, shock from allergic reaction.

Yeah, that is anaphylaxis.”

Allergies, Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever

dr robert cathcart md 42 Allergies, Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever

“Well, while we are talking about allergies, I wanted to talk about Scarlet fever.
In my experience, Scarlet fever is absolutely the easiest disease in the world to cure.
I am talking about a few hours.

Now, Scarlet fever is caused by an allergic reaction to strep toxin and usually the strep is gone by that time.

Usually, the person has had something like strep throat or some infection of the skin or something which has been treated with penicillin or some type of antibiotic and the strep is dead,

but there is a residual amount of strep toxin left in the body that the body has an all mighty allergic reaction to.

Well, my experience is that when a patient comes in with this typical rash of Scarlet fever, that you give him ascorbate and if you give it intravenously within a few hours the rash is gone and it is permanently gone.

You see the thing is that most diseases you still got a little bit of the bug leg inside making the toxin still, whereas in this case, the toxin is all gone.

Once it is neutralized, that is it.

Now, since I have not seen a case of rheumatic fever, I would assume that the same thing would happen since rheumatic fever is another allergic reaction to strep toxin and the ascorbate will neutralize the strep toxin.

Now, then there is the treatment of beta-hemolytic strep.

Now, I have had this type of thing happen to me twice while I was up at Incline.

A mother would bring in their, say their 6-year-old kid, and say have a bad sore throat and I was suspicious of strep so I would do a throat culture and give them a prescription for some penicillin orally and tell them how to take the vitamin C and the probiotic, the acidophilous and then send the child home, and then two days later when the culture came back the beta-hemolytic strep, I would call the mother and say, well how is Johnny, Oh he is all well, he is back to school.

I said well you gave him the penicillin didn’t you, and they say no we were waiting for the culture and we just gave the vitamin C.

So, for legal reasons if I knew it was strep I would not dare not use penicillin but there is some question in my mind still whether or not it is necessary and whether or not ascorbate will take out strep all by itself, may be it will may be it will not, and for legal reasons I am not going to make a definite statement about that, but I think it would be an interesting thing for investigation.”

Kennel Fever, ebola, 500g diseases

dr robert cathcart md 43 Kennel Fever, ebola, 500g diseases

“An interesting sideline here is that there is this vet in San Jose, Wendell Belfield, I think he is in partial retirement now,

but for 20 years he has been curing dogs of distemper and kennel fever.

Now, it turns out, dogs don’t get cold and flu, but if they get a more serious disease that overcomes their ability to make ascorbate then you can even help them out with intravenous sodium ascorbate and cure them,

so he was able to cure distemper in dogs by running an intravenous sodium ascorbate for two or three days.

This brings up one of the other pieces of jargon we use, I talk about like 50 g colds or 100 g colds.
A 100-g cold is a cold that allows you take a 100 g at the peak of the disease without it producing diarrhea.

So imagine a 500 g disease and that is what probably distemper is, so that may be a dog cannot get a disease unless it is over 200 g,
but it could get a 500-g disease
and so you can cure them with intravenous sodium ascorbate.

Now, one of the other interesting things about this, although I have not seen a case of this,
but ebola virus and the hemorrhagic fevers are probably like 500-g diseases
and they are so severe that they cause sudden scurvy in the body,
of course they bleed from every orifice and their organs and so forth and then die of this high temperature and all this bleeding.
Well, it would be quite logical to give them intravenous sodium ascorbate as soon as they got the disease to reverse the scurvy
and I am quite sure that a very high percentage of people with ebola virus would survive if they were given intravenous sodium ascorbate as soon as the disease starts.”

500g Diseases, Ebola, Lassa, First survivor was taking vitamins

dr robert cathcart md 44 500g Diseases, Ebola, Lassa, First survivor was taking vitamins

“But I do want to say, you know about these hemorrhagic fevers, Ebola virus, Lassa fever, Marburg virus and all these, I think they are like 500 g diseases and they should all be treated with intravenous vitamin C.

Now, there is this book entitled Fever, I forget the name, may be it is Fuller’s name as the author, but I am not sure, but anyway

it describes how this one native came into this hospital in Africa in Lassa and within a week the doctors, nurses, and janitors were dying of his Lassa fever, and the first nurse who survived this was nurse Pinio. She had a horrible time, but she survived it,

and then they used this convalescent serum of hers on the, particularly the white people in the hospital administration who came down with Lassa fever after that, but

in a foot note in the book it said that nurse Pinio was taking vitamins. They did not say anything else about it, but nurse Pinio the first survivor of Lassa fever was taking vitamins.”

Bronchiectasis, Chronic Otitis Media

dr robert cathcart md 45 Bronchiectasis, Chronic Otitis Media

“You know some of the diseases of the lung like bronchiectasis,
these chronic infections of the lung, they are helped tremendously by ascorbate.

Many chronic infections like for instance one of the more spectacular diseases to get rid off is chronic otitis media, you know,
you see kids come in that have tubes in their ears and they have seen many doctors and many antibiotics

and they have been on prednisone and all sorts of other things and usually after a week of massive doses of ascorbic acid, the otitis is gone.
I think what happens here is that the bacteria gets hung up in this bony blind cavern
and the antibiotics in the body cannot get at them and it is sort of a pus pocket where acute induced scurvy in this pus pocket and so the white cells cannot function in there,

so that when you give the person massive doses of ascorbate, the ascorbate diffuses into the center of these little pus pockets and the white cells come out fighting mad and get rid of the infection, but I tell you,

I have not seen so far, knock on wood, I have not seen a case of chronic otitis media that did not respond to massive doses of ascorbate.

Now, when they come in and they are on an antibiotic and they have been on it for a long time.
I don’t take them off the antibiotic right away until the infection is gone.”

Asthma, Hay Fever

dr robert cathcart md 46 Asthma, Hay Fever

“Okay, well with allergies my own case of hay fever was markedly ameliorated by the massive doses of C and I found that useful, also not eating sugar,
like I found that my grass allergies were worse when I ate sugar you see, and so we put people on these anti-yeast diets and then with asthma,
asthma usually with massive doses of ascorbate we get 9/10th of the people off all their drugs, like exercise-induced asthma. If they take massive doses of ascorbic acid before exercising, they don’t have any trouble with that.”

No Sugar, Anti-Yeast Program

dr robert cathcart md 47 No Sugar, Anti-Yeast Program

“Okay, Absolutely no sugar including no fruit and no sugar substitutes,
large amounts of acidophilous, large amounts of garlic or aged garlic you know, the problem is that when it is Kyolic garlic it is okay but not quite as good as raw garlic, timed-release caprylic acid, maitake or Pau D’Arco tea for the __31:58___ tanins and when you do all those things simultaneously usually the yeast goes into remission.

I use massive doses of nystatin powder only about one out of five patients if this other does not completely get it and I sometimes think that ones that don’t get better on this basis program are not following directions completely. So we give them massive doses of nystatin.
People are funny, they love drugs, I mean I swear to god it is amazing, I can talk till I am blue in the face about garlic knocking out yeast and yet all they can hear is nystatin

and then every once in a while, about one out of 10 or 20, they will use Diflucan, but I haven’t had to get into any of these other massive drugs, but we use huge amounts of nystatin. You know, the nystatin that is used lot of doctors come in these little sugar coated pills which don’t have much nystatin and anyway how come you give sugar coated pills to anybody with a yeast infection I cannot figure out.

Anyway, see the reason why they work is that you take an average person, it is easy to get rid of yeast infection. You just knock off 90% of the yeast and they take care of it, but the patient with chronic diseases get this chronic candidiasis thing which is not exactly an infection, it is an acquired allergic reaction to this yeast so that the normal amount of yeast that a person has in them, they are having an allergic reaction to it and so that is why we have to be so absolutely fanatical in getting rid of it you see, and you never can get rid of it completely because you have it on your hands, your food, you partner and all that have yeast and so you are reinfected with it all the time, so you have to got to keep suppressing it constantly and that is why I like to use this anti-yeast program that if necessary you can keep it up the rest of your life and you don’t have to be taking a drug the rest of your life.”

Anemia – Multiple Sclerosis

Triple B shots, Pernicious Anemia

dr robert cathcart md 48 Triple B shots, Pernicious Anemia

“Okay, that is 1 cc B12, 1 cc folic acid, and 1 cc B100.

And that is taken how often?

Well ordinarily I try people out twice a week and see whether or not they get a kick out of it. By that I mean if they feel better, then if the better feeling lasts for a week, they take it every week, if it lasts for three days they take it every three days.

Now, I have found about 3000 patients that seemed to benefit from this and during that time I found three cases of pernicious anemia which is the known deficiency of B12

and interestingly some of these people that benefit from B12 shots actually have high serum B12 before given the shot
and this implies that there is something the matter with the B12 metabolism that it takes super high doses for them to get the full benefit,

but anyway since I used the B12 and the folic acid together, I am not really sure, may be some of these people are folic acid problem people and they are getting effects from that.”

Anemia, loss of senstations, MS, biochemical individuality, statistical significance

dr robert cathcart md 49 Anemia, loss of senstations, MS, biochemical individuality, statistical significance

“Yeah, well you see B12, the pernicious anemia, one of the symptoms of pernicious anemia is the neurologic.
See, there is an anemia part and there is neurologic part,

this brought up an interesting thing is that 50 years ago when the cause of pernicious anemia was discovered to be malabsorption of B12
and they started giving B12 shots, now for a few years before that,

they knew that a person with pernicious anemia could go under remission by eating a pound of raw liver a day,
but that was, I mean could be better than death, but anyway it worked, but anyway, pernicious anemia has two aspects,
one is the neurologic and the other is the anemia part.

Well, it turns out that folic acid would cure the anemia part but not the neurologic part and so that is why laws were passed to prevent the use of folic acid in multiple vitamin tablets over a milligram, you see,

so that is why you see all these tiny doses of folic acid and unfortunately there has been a tremendous number of birth deformities,
syringomyelia | sphingomyelia where the spinal cord comes out of the kid in the back due to folic acid deficiencies because of this dumb law.

You see, their thought was that if they allowed folic acid out in large amounts that there would be people walking around who had pernicious anemia
that the doctors would think they had multiple sclerosis and not realize it was pernicious anemia and they could be cured with a B12 shot,

so my thought is that the doctor ought to be able to tell that and may be if somebody comes in, I mean anybody who comes in with anything neurologic to my practice automatically gets B12 and folic acid to see what it does to them you see.

I mean, giving the shot is cheaper than the test. So, you give the shot to see how the person responds to it. It will not hurt him and so in a lot of elderly people who lose their memories and I think that a lot of what is considered to be senile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented with B12, folic acid, B100 shots.

What kind of a dosage would you recommend for?

Well, again we do this standard thing of 1 cc of each one of them and see how long the kick lasts. Now, when the person starts giving themselves their own shot we try and teach them how to do that, then I will them okay vary the dose, may be take a 0.5 cc of B12 and 0.5 cc of folic acid and 2 cc of B100 and see how that works and then alternate around and see which one works the best and so they find out something that that meets their own biochemical individuality. See, I mean

this is the key, one of the major keys of orthomolecular medicine. You see, we are not interested in a statistical average of how a drug works, like you know you do a double blind study on a 1000 cases of a certain disease and study a drug and let’s say it cures 2 of them, but then they say that statistically not significant, well it sure was statistically significant to those two people and so we recognize biochemical individuality and then we try and match the treatment with the person and this involves a lot of trial and error, you see, and a lot of history taking. So far, the tests are not that great. I mean, we are getting better and better with the tests, but I think that the major thing is to try these nutrients on people and see how they respond to them.”



dr robert cathcart md 50 Autism

“Somewhat, now that is, autism is a complicated subject and I think it is largely caused by mercury either from the mother’s, the amalgam in their teeth or the shots, the thimerosal that they are getting,

and so if we get them young enough and do chelation with DMSA and also treat them for yeast, you see that the problem is that these things are interrelated because if you get a toxicity from mercury, this sets you up for candidiasis or one of the other viruses you see,

so there is an interrelationship, chronic fatigue, chronic candidiasis, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, all of these diseases are interrelated and now Lyme disease is partially one of these things, and so,

but if we treat all these and then we get quite a few remissions. If we get them before the age of 2 or 3, you know, later than that it is more difficult, but there is some improvement.”

Hyperactive kids

dr robert cathcart md 51 Hyperactive kids

“I think that hyperactive kids are adrenaline kids, you know, they are having food and chemical sensitivities and the sugar is driving them crazy and every school teacher will say that their class goes crazy after the lunch and the kids are sitting there and eating all this junk food for lunch, it is the sugar, and the body, to regulate blood sugar then puts out adrenaline,

so anyway we get these kids with hyperactivity, off the sugars, and then we look for their food and chemical sensitivities because it may not be just sugar, it may be certain chemical,

I remember the Feingold diet which was wowed years and years ago.

Feingold worked with the Kaiser across the bay and I can remember going to a conference where one of the residents that worked with Feingold said that one day he came into the old man’s office and he had this book on his desk called sugar blues, and he said that when Feingold came into the office he said,

“Sir, you think that sugar has anything to do with hyperactivity?”, and he paused for a minute and said, “of course it does, it is the prime cause, but when you take kids off of all of the food colorings, you take them off of 90% of the sugar, and you don’t take on the giant”,

so Feingold was very aware of the fact that sugar was the main problem with hyperactivity, but he concentrated on the food colorings so that sugar industry would not go after him.”


How IV Vitamin C selectively kills cancer cells

dr robert cathcart md 52 Hugh Reardon – How IV Vitamin C selectively kills cancer cells
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how the late Dr Hugh Reardon of Wichita Kansas used IV Vitamin C to cure several types of cancer.

“Oh, well, Hugh Reardon in Wichita, Kansas, his idea was that these massive doses of sodium ascorbate given intravenously cause the formation of peroxide within every cell of the body and that cancer cells are deficient in catalase and so that is why that massive doses of ascorbate forming peroxide would selectively kill the cancer cell and not normal cells, and this is probably just a matter of amount.

We have had the opportunity to see this work in a few patients. Some cancers seem to be exquisitely sensitive to moderately high doses of vitamin C, but for legal reasons and worry about malpractice and insurance will not pay for it, we have not been able to give as large doses that we knew would be possible, but we have good evidence that there are some people that are now doing this and curing a large percentages of cancer with intravenous vitamin C.”

Joseph Breslin pt1 – Curing the mayors wife of cancer

dr robert cathcart md 53a Joseph Breslin pt1 – Curing the mayors wife of cancer
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how a naturopath and osteopath named Joseph Breslin of New Mexico used IV vitamin C to cure the mayor’s wife and several other prominent citizens of several types of cancer.

“Well, yes, he is in New Mexico which is a medical freedom state, that is, they can’t take your license away for doing alternative medicine.
Also, he is a doctor of osteopathy which means that the MDs cannot give him a bad time,

and the first patient he cured was the Mayor’s wife, and then he cured some few prominent citizens of that community,
so he is not worried about them being able to get a jury together that convict him of malpractice

and then he has a chemotherapist who will start the central catheters,
and prescribe the pumps that are carried on the belt so that he is able to give like 120 to 180 g of sodium ascorbate for 24 hours in continuous drips for months at a time
and the insurance companies pay for it because the chemotherapist is putting just a trace amount of chemotherapy
and this is not enough to do anything but fools the insurance people,
and you might say, going against the laws of what would be laws in most states
and the legal problems involved in doing new things
and fooling the insurance people, he seems to be able to be curing just about all cancers.”

Joseph Breslin pt2 – 180g/24h in central catheter, practice of the community

dr robert cathcart md 53b Joseph Breslin pt2 – 180g:24h in central catheter, practice of the community
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how a naturopath and osteopath named Joseph Breslin of New Mexico used IV Vitamin C in doses of 120 to 180g per 24h through a central catheter and discusses how doctors are now trapped within “practice of the community” blocking all further innovation and progression beyond the failing actual practices.

“Well, his name is Joseph Breslin and I forget exactly the town that he is in New Mexico, but
I had talked to him over a few times in the past year telling him that I thought that the ideal treatment of cancer would be by using one of these pumps and putting it in through a central catheter.

See, the problem is that if you have to start IVs in the arm all the time and give it day by day you are likely to lose some of those veins,
I mean it is not as bad as the chemotherapy,
but you are not able to give these huge doses plus the fact with the malpractice rip off over our heads all the time,
we are afraid to do anything that is not practice of the community.

See we have got a situation with medical malpractice is we are judged by what is considered practice of the community
and when you go to a doctor now, lets say probably 90% of what he does was not practice of the community 100 years ago,
so all progress depends upon non-practice of the community, whereas we are held to practice of the community by the law courts,

so the first doctor in town who does something new is not practicing practice of the community
and the last doctor in town who does something new is not practicing practice of the community,
so if we stop all progress we get so practiced of practice of the community we cannot get sued,
so no malpractice attorney is able to rip is off and pay for their house payments,
but the problem is that people are dying wholesale because of this greediness of the attorneys.”

Vitamin C and Cancers, Non toxicity of IV C

dr robert cathcart md 53b Joseph Breslin pt2 – 180g:24h in central catheter, practice of the community
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how non toxic IV vitamin C really is, having administered 180g to himself when well, and discusses how cancer patients need to increase their doses massively.

“Hugh Reardon at Wichita, Kansas came up with this theory about it producing peroxide in every cell of the body and that that would destroy the cancers.

Well, it has become obvious as we have been playing around with increasing the doses that the fact that some cancers did not respond was just a matter of amount;
that we needed to use higher and higher amounts of ascorbate.

Well, but the malpractice rip off and the regulations and all that have prevented us from doing this.

I must tell you with all my experience with use of ascorbic acid orally and sodium ascorbate intravenously, I really don’t know what a toxic dose would be.
I mean, I have run in a 180-g of sodium ascorbate in myself in 8 hours when I was perfectly well and felt great
and so I suppose you could finally drown in sodium ascorbate just like you can drown in water,
but as far as we can tell, it is a totally nontoxic substance in the usual sense
so that with certain cancer patients I am not going to be satisfied that we have done our best until we literally pickle the person with sodium ascorbate
and then see what happens.”

Basal Cell Carcinomas, C Paste, topical treatment

dr robert cathcart md 55 Basal Cell Carcinomas, C Paste, topical treatment

“Well, perhaps, I don’t have much experience with that. I have sometimes people make a little paste out of sodium ascorbate, you know just mix it with water, and some people that have shot some up their nose for sinusitis and gargle with it for sore throats and we have also put it on lesions on the skin. There was one very optimistic thing the other day that I don’t know whether I can agree to it, they say that since cancers are susceptible to vitamin C that if you have a skin cancer and you put vitamin C on it, sodium ascorbate, if it is cancer it will go away. I would hate to try this on melanoma alone, but I have seen some people who have had basal cell carcinomas on the forehead and so fort which when they put this vitamin C paste on, it seems to take care of them and on the tips of the ears sometimes.”


Sugar VS Fat, Carbs & type 2 diabetes

dr robert cathcart md 56 Sugar VS Fat, Carbs & Type 2 Diabetes

“Well, I think the big killer in this society is sugar, you know we eat over a 100 pounds of sugar a year which is just totally ridiculous and this consumption of sugar causes the growth of certain undesirable bugs, particularly Candida in our gut which then can cause different reactions and some patients who get sensitive with this candida thing, we call it chronic candidiasis then cannot eat any sugar at all.

I have patients with chronic candidiasis that a sugar of one grape will make them sick for a week and so they have to stop even fruit sugar.

I mean everybody knows that sugar rots the kids teeth and yet they let the kid eat sugar, you know,
it is like here kid it is Christmas you can have your poison, you have been good, you get poison it is your birthday it is poison, Easter here is poison, you have been bad you cannot have your poison, I mean it is really ridiculous and so we should stop eating and feeding our kids all this sugar.

Now, as far as fats, I want to keep people away from the trans fats and all that, but a good high quality saturated fat, that is okay in moderate amounts and the proteins in moderate amounts. I am sort of on the Atkins way now. I caution people against what goes under Atkins name right now because there are some things that I think Atkins would turn over in his grave over, that go under his name right now, but you look at his original books and he was really pretty much high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate diet. Now, they keep saying that well you cannot stay on this. Well, I have hundreds of patients that stay on this type of diet, they lose weight on it, they feel great, they just have no difficulties doing that at all.

Now, a lot of people who have difficulties on staying on a diet is because they crave the very food that they are sensitive to and this is one of the big problems.

It is like for instance if you go to Weight Watchers and they allow you to eat small amounts of carbohydrate or some food that you are allergic to, now they don’t know it, you don’t know it, but you might be allergic to one of the foods like bread, and yet they allow you to take a little bit of bread so you never lose the craving for bread, see whereas I think that may be with the help of an orthomolecular physician or __29:19___ or somebody who understands food sensitivities that you could figure out the foods that you are sensitive to and don’t eat any of those foods and that stops the craving and 9/10th of the time the person loses weight on that, you see.

This idea of suffering by cutting down on the food that you eat, just cutting out calories is I think ridiculous, because everybody knows people who eat, eat, eat all the time and they are skinny little things and yet you have other people that eat just a little bit and they get to be fat, so you know, scratch that theory.

One of the reasons why people gain weight on carbohydrates and not so much on fats, I realize that fat rhymes with fat, but that fats and proteins break down slowly in the body and don’t raise the blood sugar very much so most of that glucose which comes out of this is burned up as energy whereas carbohydrate digests rapidly raises the blood sugar and so then the body secretes insulin

and the insulin drives the glucose into the cells as fat, also when you are in this situation for a long time, it makes you relatively insulin resistant and then this can cause diabetes, type 2 diabetes.

So that is why I am so totally against these huge consumptions of sugar”

Type 2 Diabetes, Sugar Mania, Food triggers

dr robert cathcart md 57 Type 2 Diabetes, Sugar Mania, Food triggers

“Well, you see I am not too much into the “becauses” here.

All I can tell you is that first off you have to realize that type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance, not that there is a defect in making the insulin, it is the body’s utilization, so first of all we don’t like any of the oral hypoglycemic agents.

I saw Julian Whitaker give a talk on that and he had a list of all the oral glucose diabetic medications and he had in red letters across, garbage, you know, and he is able to get most people off of insulin and I have been able to get most people off of insulin.

You put them on an absolutely no sugar diet.

Now, I think we ought to talk about this a little bit is that this sugar mania we have in this country is crazy.

Half the population is like alcoholics, they are sugarholics and if these people get off of sugar completely, I mean absolutely completely, no sugar substitutes, no nothing, even Stevia. If you are a sugarholic, you don’t want to eat Stevia because that is like a wino telling a wino look you cannot drink wine, but take the cork from the bottle and carry it your pocket and smell it all day in emergencies, you see. No, these people after two or three months of absolutely no sugar whatsoever, they will say what have I been doing all my life, you know they feel so great without it. So, this sugar mania in this country is just totally ridiculous.

The other thing you look for is every once in a while there will be some sort of an allergic reaction to something, like one of our colleagues named Phil Pot did a study where he did glucose tolerance tests on people after testing them with certain foods

Let me see, we found that sometimes certain food sensitivities would cause a diabetic reaction, so like with everybody with chronic problems we look for any foods that they might be sensitive to, but in general, we get them off the sugars completely.

Then, as far as the nutrients are concerned, we give them the massive doses of vitamin C, zinc, manganese and chromium remember it is the glucose tolerance factor,

so we give them chromium and also vanadium has an insulin like effect on some diabetics and then the B vitamins and cod liver oil,

and then there is this herb called Sylvestri Gemini or something like that, that we sometimes give to the diabetics, but now if a person has come and not on large doses of insulin, you can just start off this big program and it is just fine,

but if a person comes in on high doses of insulin you have got to initiate this program very slowly or else they will have a hypoglycemic attack if they are still taking insulin, you see, so they have to lower their insulin in order to go on this program.”

Herpes, Shingles

Herpes, Shingles

dr robert cathcart md 58 Herpes, Shingles

“Yeah, herpes has been a problem, but years ago in one of the Scandinavian countries, there was a story about how low doses of lysine would help herpes

and it did not seem to be statistically very significant, but we realize that lysine was a nontoxic substance and so we gave higher and higher doses and found that the higher the doses the more it suppressed the herpes.

Now, there was a problem having to do with herpes and vitamin C.

I found that people who had chronic herpes would sometimes have an outbreak of herpes when they started vitamin C and that did not make sense at first,

but then we realized that what happens if you have a herpes like on the lip that it breaks out there all the time, there is an infection there between attacks, and when you have an attack is when your immune system is trying to kill the infected cells.

So, that is why when you stimulated the immune system, it would create an attack and we found that this was more common with moderate doses of vitamin C, but when we gave massive doses of vitamin C right up to bowel tolerance right at first,

that did not happen and then so anybody with herpes we gave them massive doses of vitamin C and also the lysine, and everything, we take them off sugars, and zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, cod liver oil and such.

Oh, and then we have zoster, you know shingles, and with shingles we give them intravenous vitamin C and the triple B shots and they go along with the basic program, but they go into remission quite rapidly and don’t get this post-herpetic neuralgia when they are treated that way.”


Chronic Hepatitis

dr robert cathcart md 59 Chronic Hepatitis

“You see the problem, particularly right now is with hepatitis C, because only about a quarter of the cases every present acutely, three quarters of them will show up with during a physical exam or something else that they have got the difficulties with the enzymes elevated and then they will be diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C.

Well, our experience has been that massive doses of ascorbate will not all by itself take out chronic hepatitis C. We put them on the no sugar diet, the anti-yeast program, give them of course the bowel tolerance doses of vitamin C, zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, cod liver oil for the A&D, and then multiple D vitamin and then on top of that we give them some sulmarin which is an herb which helps the liver and now more recently we have been using alpha lipoic acid. There are several studies in Germany showing where alpha lipoic acid will help with liver problems and so our experience with this is that these people just go on.

Their enzymes go down to just slightly elevated and as long as they stay on the program they don’t have any trouble, they are perfectly healthy, in fact seem perfectly okay. I have not had any patient every die of hepatic necrosis or get liver cancer on this program. I have had patient’s who have failed alpha-interferon and they do just fine on this program.

Now I am not saying that they revert to negative, although there was one patient who apparently did, but then again but most patients don’t, but their life is perfectly livable and they are perfectly healthy on this. Now, acute hepatitis A, B, C, I don’t care what, intravenous sodium ascorbate just knocks the blazes out of these diseases in three to four days. I would always follow them with bowel tolerance doses of vitamin C for may be a month or so after that.”

Hepatitis & blood transfusions, Viruses Cause Some Cancers

dr robert cathcart md 60 Hepatitis & blood transfusions, Viruses Cause Some Cancers

“now you know 20 years ago no one would have believed that any cancer was being caused by an infection, but now I think it is, like Kaposi’s,

we know that and there are certain types of leukemias that are caused by viruses and so forth

and I would expect that we would find that vitamin C would be effective in preventing those kinds of cancer, like for instance, there are some cancers of the liver I understand that were common in Japan

and I think in Linus Pauling’s book he mentioned this about one of the Japanese doctors had given vitamin C to patients after surgeries, after blood transfusions

and did not have any difficulties with hepatitis or cancers of the liver after that.”


Ski instructors & Mononucleosis, Disease tissue needs to be saturated with C

dr robert cathcart md 61 Ski instructors & Mononucleosis, Disease tissue needs to be saturated with C

“Oh yeah, mononucleosis. They were carrying their Boga bags full of vitamin C and they would be yodeling down the slopes while drinking the vitamin C while they had mononucleosis.

Until the spleen enlargement goes down, I would not recommend that because you might burst the spleen, but no it went down, right down.

See, all these inflammations are mediated by free radicals and if you get enough ascorbate into the diseased tissue, it will eliminate those free radicals. See, what I object to are these studies that are talking about blood levels.

I don’t care what the blood level is, I care what the level is in the disease tissue.”


Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency, Food Allergies & Osteoporosis

dr robert cathcart md 62 Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency, Food Allergies & Osteoporosis

“EDTA chelation.

Gary Gordon founded this ACAM and they chelated with this magnesium EDTA by vein, which the magnesium EDTA goes in and the first thing it does is pulls out all the lead and cadmium and the second thing it does is, see as we get older, we get a higher amount of intercellular ionic calcium and the magnesium EDTA picks up and takes calcium out of the body and puts magnesium where the calcium was and that seems to be a benefit.

It does not cause osteoporosis.

You might, you will take calcium out of the body, well the thing is that you know if you talk to the really smart bone pathologists they will tell you that osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency disease, it is a bone matrix deficiency disease, that is the protein part of the bone does not form.

If you do sections of bone of osteoporotic women, a 100% of the bone is calcified.

There is no uncalcified bone. It is just that there is not enough bone matrix and so that is one of the reasons why all this forcing of calcium and worrying about calcium has not solved the osteoporotic person. The problem, the thing is what you want to do is to build up the bone matrix and one of the symptoms of scurvy by the way is osteoporosis and so you give them the vitamin C and give you them zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, the cod liver oil for A&D, you know the D is important there and all these things help to build up the bone matrix and I realized years ago that patients that had been on this program for years, and years and years did not have osteoporosis.

This brings up another thing, is people with food and chemical sensitivities are making adrenaline and/or cortisone, see to block their allergies, and I find that the garden variety neurotic that you see is an adrenaline maker, you know they can be bitchy and off and on, and so forth and so on you know. They are hyperactive, they are the workaholics, they can be millionaires and then have heart attacks. The cortisone type person is heavier set, collects fluids, has a higher incidence of cancer and also a higher incidence of osteoporosis.

One of my theories is that endogenously produced cortisone causes osteoporosis also, so this is one of the other things we are trying to do is to get away from food and chemical sensitivities to get rid of osteoporosis.”


Back Pain, Herniated Discs – Supplements To Try Before Surgery

dr robert cathcart md 63 Back Pain, Herniated Discs – Supplements To Try Before Surgery

“Okay, so Greenwood years ago showed that taking vitamin C reduced the incidence of necessary surgery for back pain.

Now, we have found that a large percentage of back pain is caused by herniated discs and this is what we would expect, of course the tough part that discs are made of, collagen fibers
and if there is acute induced scurvy of the discs you would have a breakdown of those collagen fibers and then herniation of them.

So, when I see people with back pain, I give them massive bowel tolerance doses of vitamin C. Also give them the zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium. I think manganese is very important for back pain. I am not exactly sure why, but it has something to do with metabolism of cartilage

and then we give them vitamin D and vitamin A in the form of cod liver oil and the B vitamins and vitamin E.

Every once in a while, you will find a patient with back pain who is markedly relieved of the back pain with about 50 mg of manganese three times a day.

Now, you got to be careful of that and make sure that they don’t get any shaking from that, but about one out of ten people with peculiar back pain will be relieved by manganese.

The other thing is cod liver oil in massive doses. Now, this is a precursor to anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, the PGE 2 series or PGE 1 series, and I have given as much as like three tablespoons of cod liver oil three times a day. Now, when you do that, they can only be temporarily, and you have to be careful of any extra bleeding and bruising because massive doses of cod liver oil will sometimes be an anticoagulant,

but with those things and then having the person try to lose weight and giving them large amounts of glucosamine sulfate,

we find that back pain usually goes into pretty much of a remission and does not require surgery.

Now, of course, if there was sudden nerve root pressure causing paralysis or difficulties with urination and bowel troubles, then that would be cause for emergency surgery, but the typical low back pain usually goes into remission better with this kind of a program.”


Dr. Klenner & Polio

dr robert cathcart md 64 Dr. Klenner & Polio

“Yeah, well, all I know is that, what was it, in that polio epidemic before 1949, he treated something like 60 patients, and I don’t mind numbers

Yeah it was 60.

Yeah, and that he gave them these injections of sodium ascorbate and every one of them recovered.

Well, it seems as though that polio is this puny viral disease that only lasts for a few days except that it puts out this free radical toxin that destroys the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord and that causes the paralysis.

Well, but this free radical toxin gets neutralized by ascorbate, so if you give enough ascorbate, it simply neutralizes the toxin plus the vitamin C seems to help to knock off, allow the body to knock off the polio virus and so that is why he was able to cure polio.

Well, nobody would listen to him about this and I don’t know, the Salk vaccine came out and the Sabin vaccine came out, which quieted the public down”


Abram Hoffer, Niacin & Schizophrenia, Case Study pt1

dr robert cathcart md 65 Abram Hoffer, Niacin & Schizophrenia, Case Study pt1
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how Dr. Abram Hoffer used Niacin to treat schizophrenia and depression.

An institutionalized schizophrenic patient of his had been imprisoned 3 times and recovered using 17g/day of niacin and 30g/day of vitamin C.

“Well, one of the great names in orthomolecular medicine of course is Linus Pauling who wrote this book Vitamin C and the Common Cold, and I think it was published about 1970,
but there has been another person, Abe Hoffer of Canada who has done much work on this.
He was psychiatrist and came up with the idea that niacin would help a large number of schizophrenics and then he combines it with vitamin C.

It turns out that in schizophrenia there is this formation of a substance called adrenochrome which is a oxidated product of adrenaline
and vitamin C helps to prevent the oxidation of adrenaline so this is what prevents the adrenochrome
and so that is why vitamin C helps many people with depression.
Adrenochrome is a depressive substance and so that is why where some people that are depressed vitamin C is the world’s best antidepressant,
but this thing about niacin, he came up with this.

I have one example of a patient, this beautiful young lady who had already been in the Nevada State Prisons three times for drug abuse and prostitution
who last time she was in prison was slipped a dose of niacin.
Now this lady’s mother was an institutionalized paranoid schizophrenic and this girl had voices in her head telling her to do all these things.
Well, when a social worker slipped her a dose of niacin that all these voices stopped
and this raving maniac suddenly became this sweet lovely thing
and so they threw her out of jail in 10 days. It was like Mr. Hyde had turned into Dr. Jekyll and she did not belong in the jail any more.”

Schizophrenia Case Study pt2

dr robert cathcart md 66 Schizophrenia Case Study pt2
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how an institutionalized schizophrenic patient of his had been imprisoned 3 times and recovered using 17g/day of niacin and 30g/day of vitamin C. Part 2.

“Yeah, so, this raving maniac suddenly became a sweet lovely thing. It was like Mr. Hyde had turned into Dr. Jekyll.
So, they threw her out of jail.
She went to work for a health food store because she did not have any money
and she did not want to run out of niacin
and then she heard about me up at Incline Village,

and I saw her and took her off sugar, in her case that did not do any good.
It was just giving her higher and higher doses of niacin.

I saw her a month later, she was taking 17 g of niacin a day.
Now, this is the highest dose that Abe Hoffer ever heard of.
He had told me he had seen a patient take 15 g before.
Niacin is this thing that flushes you, but she was not being flushed by it

and she was taking 30 g of vitamin C a day which may sound like a high dose,
but lots of people can take 30 g, but anyway, she had applied to, been accepted to,
and was off to a New York modeling school the next day,
and this was four months out of prison.”

Types of Schizophrenia Respond To Different Nutrients

dr robert cathcart md 67 Types of Schizophrenia Respond To Different Nutrients

“Well, see now, Abe Hoffer discovered this thing about niacin
and then he added vitamin C to it in the treatment of schizophrenia.

Then, one of his colleagues Karl Pfeiffer discovered this thing about how some schizophrenics are helped by B6 and zinc,
so it is a different cause, so that would not be the pellagra who was helped by B6 and zinc so much I don’t think.

See, a person with pellagra cannot convert tryptophan to niacin
and so you know pellagra is the four Ds, death, diarrhea, dementia and dermatitis,

and so they would develop all those symptoms,
but there are other schizophrenics that really do better by using the B6 and zinc,

and then there is another group of schizophrenics that will do better by finding out food allergies,
like sometimes schizophrenia can be the result of a food allergy like for instance
gluten sometimes causes schizophrenia.”

Vaccine Damage, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

Dr. Kalokerinos, SIDS, That kid would have been dead in a few hours

dr robert cathcart md 68 Dr. Kalokerinos, SIDS, That kid would have been dead in a few hours

“Oh yes, well now take,

when I met Archie Kalokerinos from Australia, he came over you know, Oscar had him over, and we started talking about these things

and we all observed the very same things that independently he had discovered in Australia and I had discovered here.

Now, he had the advantage of seeing more of these kids who really had acute induced scurvy, I mean they were terribly scorbutic to begin with, so that is where his title of the book Every Second Child came along.

Now, in this country, fortunately, we didn’t have that much trouble.
The kids don’t have frank scurvy, but they sometimes will have problems,

now Archie described this one case, the exact same thing that he described happened to me.

This had to be about 1975, is that this mother brought in her kid, a 2-year-old, who had a temperature of 104,

and we gave him a penicillin shot just to be sure despite the fact that I thought it was viral
and told the mother to give vitamin C and sent him home,
and about 2 a.m. that night I get this telephone call and the mother says I think he is dying,
and I said well did you give him the vitamin C, no he will not take it, you know, he is two years old,

I said well meet me down at the office and in the midst of a snowstorm he came down,
and here this kid was practically unconscious with his back arched.
This is called opisthotonus and it is one of the symptoms of scurvy and I was talking fast and drew up the sodium ascorbate and gave him a shot 2 cc of sodium ascorbate in both buttocks,

and before I could get the second shot completely in,
he was sitting up looking around talking
and it was just like that.
and that kid would have been dead in a few hours.

If I had sent him to the hospital he would have died I think.”

Dr Kalokerinos, SIDS, SBS

dr robert cathcart md 69 Dr Kalokerinos, SIDS, SBS

“You concur with him about the causes of SIDS?

Oh absolutely, you know, he tells a story about how when he first went there in this province of aborigines that 50% of the kids were dying before the age of 1 and they were walking around with infected eyes, ears, and throat so forth like that

and then they just die in their sleep or they might have this opisthotonus and go out that way and he got so discouraged that he quit and went into opal mining and one day it hit him that it was scurvy and so he came back and he gave all the kids vitamin C and he said he dropped the death rate from 50% to 0 except for falling out trees and drowning,

and right now he is on a campaign that a lot of these kids and parents that are going to jail for supposedly killing their kids with shaken baby syndrome is that what has happened is that

these kids were either chronically ill with colds, flu or given immunizations and so forth which caused acute scurvy and then you just touch them and they bruise and they may bleed from hemorrhage and so forth and like that and since the medical profession does not recognize this, they said that the parents were beating on the kids,

well so a lot of these people, good people, have been put in prison for life for supposedly killing their kids,
and they did not kill them at all, it was acute induced scurvy that killed them.

That is happening here in the United States.”

Kalokerinos, Vaccines & SIDS, Hepatitis, SV40

dr robert cathcart md 70 Kalokerinos, Vaccines & SIDS, Hepatitis, SV40

“if you interviewed Archie Kalokerinos, he is going to come across much stronger on this because he had the experience with the aboriginal children,

he said that something like when the World Health Organization came around and gave the immunizations to the kids that within a week something like 10% of the kids died,
you know in his book, every second child, that is 50% of the children died before the age of 1 of these infections and sudden infant syndrome, so he was very much against the immunization.

Well, we know nothing like that happens in the United States, but it shows that when you are in a situation near scurvy, if you take something like a immunization that is likely to cause a great amount of difficulty,

so basically now if a person has to take immunizations, first of all I recommend that there be absolutely no mercury in the immunization, that is, there should be no thimerosal which is a way of hiding the mercury that they put into these things

and the immunizations should have no mercury in them, they should be given one at a time,
the child should have no illness whatsoever, should not have any cold, any sniffles or anything like that
when they are given the shot and they should be supplemented with vitamin C when they are given the shot

and then you don’t have any trouble with the immunizations.

How much would you recommend to supplement an infant being given an immunization? Is there a guideline you would say not to give immunizations before a certain age, and how much you should supplement them?

As a matter of fact, we give sodium ascorbate to women that are breast feeding.
They put the sodium ascorbate powder on their nipples it helps to prevent the chapping of the nipples and the kid then takes on that sodium ascorbate.
I think that though if you are supplementing in their food, his recommendation of 1 g per year, so a 2-year-old gets 2 g a day.

So, even an infant just born, as soon as they are weaned off the breast feeding, can go to 1 g.

Yeah, If they are not breast fed, put in their formula.

What about, do you feel there is a certain age that you should avoid giving an immunization to a child before?

Well, yeah, I mean, why do you give a hepatitis B vaccine to a new born, I mean, come on, and so one should wait till the immune system is matured and I think we would avoid lot of troubles like that.

Since I am not a pediatrician, I do see some children, but I am not into immunizing at all, I am not a real expert on this but you know various people that I respect, maybe Archie can give you a better idea about this.

We even worry about some cancer causing bacteria or viruses that might be in the polio vaccine, the living ones and things like that.

There was a monkey virus or something.

The sv40.

Yeah, and so these are reasons to be cautious about it.

Some of the urgency for taking vaccinations is reduced if one learns how to use ascorbate. Now for instance like these flu vaccines, if you know how to use ascorbate there is no reason for taking a flu vaccine.

I mean, anybody who knows how to take ascorbate is not going to die from the flu, you are going to ameliorate tremendously and if you can get the doctors in on this so that if a person really got sick with the flu they give intravenous sodium ascorbate there would be no problems with the flu.”

Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, no SIDS with Vitamin C, every second child

dr robert cathcart md 71 Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, no SIDS with Vitamin C, every second child

“Yeah, okay, well as I say I think that anaphylaxis is acute induced scurvy so that what happens is the condition that caused the reaction, causes this sudden depletion of vitamin C in the body and that then allows for this reaction to take place.

Now, you know Archie Kalokerinos with this every second child,
these kids were dying of sudden infant death syndrome

and you take all of the different causes of sudden infant death syndrome, minorities, poor, just getting over a cold, wintertime,

all of them are things that result in low vitamin C levels, so if you give these supplemental vitamin C you don’t get sudden infant death syndrome, but Archie is the expert on that, I have never seen a case of sudden infant death syndrome and because we have all our kids on vitamin C,

but I cannot say that my practice is large enough of kids that I am absolutely sure that I would not have had one by.”

SIDS is Acute Induced Scurvy

dr robert cathcart md 72 SIDS is Acute Induced Scurvy

“I agree with Archie Kalokerinos that the cause of sudden infant death syndrome is acute induced scurvy.

I don’t see it very much here, but any place where you have poor diet and multiple immunizations and colds and stuff like that, you are likely to have this happen.

Here in the United States, it is not too common because we get this tiny amount of vitamin C in our diet whereas the aborigines were totally without vitamin C almost which is an interesting paradox because the history of vitamin C you know,

the first double blind studies in medicine was done by this fellow named Lind who was a surgeon in the British Navy and he did this study and showed that people who ate these fresh fruits and did not get scurvy,

and in fact during the war with France against Napoleon, they used it as a secret weapon and Napoleon knew that the British Navy was such and such a size and they could have their ports blockaded for a certain period of time and then they have to turn the ships over because the sailors would be dying of scurvy. Well, he did not know it, but the British Navy, the limeys were out there drinking lime juice and so they sat there and sat there and sat there and essentially tripled the size of the British Navy.

Well, then Captain Cook who was the first captain who circumnavigated the globe, he had a reputation of being an SOB, but everybody wanted to ship out with him because he had this obsession with stopping at every port and collecting fresh fruits and vegetables and no one ever died of scurvy who shipped out with Captain Cook,

and he discovered Australia interestingly and then the ancient Australians, the aborigines they would worship large trees and the nature, they live with nature and they knew that the population should be so much and they had all these natural ways of living, well then when white man’s food was introduced into Australia,

then scurvy started to get rampant there, it is just paradoxical that Captain Cook who was obsessed with fresh fruits and vegetables, discovered Australia and created the situation where the Australians aborigines got scurvy.”

How It Works

What are Free Radicals

dr robert cathcart md 73 What are Free Radicals

Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes What are Free Radicals (oxidants versus antioxidants) .

“Molecules have a, you might say, every atom has a nucleus and it has then electrons around that
and the protons should balance the electrons.
Well when you lose an electron then that makes that chemical very reactive because it wants another electron back,
so you have two chemicals that join together.
Like for instance, hydrogen and oxygen join together to form water.
The hydrogen is sharing electrons with the oxygen
and so they stick together and that makes the water molecule.

Well, during a disease process or some abnormal reaction within the body,
an electron is just lost, then that becomes a free radical.
That molecule is sitting there having lost an electron
and it will glum on to just anything and so that, if it is sitting next to some sort of a protein,
it will glum on to that protein and cause some part of the disease or symptoms.

So, the ascorbate molecule itself carries two extra electrons in its outer ring.
When the electrons are given up, it becomes dehydroascorbate
so that every molecule of ascorbate has the ability to give up two electrons
and then actually when it breaks down completely,
probably it can release two or four more electrons,
but in any event, these electrons neutralize the free radicals.

Now, ordinarily, the body’s metabolism comes up with these electrons in the mitochondria.
These are these little organelles within the bodies that make ATP
which is what provides the energy for muscles to run on,
but they also provide chemicals that refuel the vitamin C,
so the vitamin C is used over and over again,

but the mitochondria can only do this at a certain rate
and here is the key is that the body has the ability to provide these electrons only at a certain limited rate
and if this rate is exceeded, then inflammation occurs, that is when we get sick.

Whenever we get redness, swelling or pain in any part of the body, at least in that part of the body the ability to supply the electrons to neutralize those free radicals had been exceeded.

So, that if we literally flood the body with vitamin C in those areas,
we will neutralize those free radicals at that point. ”

Free Radicals

dr robert cathcart md 74 Free Radicals

“Now I would like to start from scratch on that question because what I think is that see all the time there are all these billions of reactions going on in the body, where chemicals are breaking up and joining together and there are enzyme reactions and everything is under control in the body and that every once in a while a mistake is made when a chemical breaks apart, one chemical may take an electron from another one and not replace it quite right and then that is a radical,

well, ordinarily when you are well, the small amount of radicals that are formed are handled by the free radical scavenger system donating an electron to neutralize that free radical, but when you get sick, then there is gross damage, gross mistakes, huge amounts of these radicals that become free radicals that are formed and your own free radical scavenging system cannot take care of that you see, and so that is where the massive doses of ascorbate come in,

but then you see what happens is when the little amounts of ascorbate that the normal person has in their body tries to neutralize the free radicals. Remember I am saying that as ascorbate neutralizes free radicals, the free radicals neutralize the ascorbate, then the ascorbate is destroyed and the person gets an acute induced scurvy and the tissue involved in the disease, may be not all over the body, but in the tissue involved in the disease, at which point, the white cells shut down. See, the white cells need a little bit of vitamin C to fight and so you get this sort of acute induced scurvy like in the throat when you got a cold or in the liver when you got hepatitis and so the white cells just shut down.

Now, the only thing that saves us is this secondary system of antibodies and antibodies are turned on by free radicals you see, so that otherwise we would die of a cold, you see, but after a week to 10 days the antibodies finally build up and knock off the cold virus, see so that is why there is that delay. If you get well right away, it is either previous antibodies or the white cells knocking it off, but then you go into that period where it lingers until the antibodies build up again. Now, during that period, extended period, if you take massive enough of ascorbate to drive the ascorbate back into the nose and throat, then you may get lucky and the white cells may come out fighting mad and get rid of the cold once it is established.

See one of the ideas years ago was that if you took vitamin C early enough that it would work, but if once a disease really go going it would not work. Well, the reason for that was they did not use high enough doses you see. So, if a disease is already going, to take that on, you have got to use absolutely unthinkable massive doses as far as the orthodox mind is concerned you see, then it neutralizes those.”

Anti-Oxidants VS Free radicals

dr robert cathcart md 75 Anti-Oxidants versus Free radicals
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how vitamin C stops Free Radical damage.

“okay, one of the reasons why ascorbate is such a panacea and it is criticized for that reason is that when you look at humans and life in general way up there philosophically is that we are these organic machines operating in this oxygen atmosphere that we have to burn for energy,

but then we have to keep ourselves from being rusted or oxidized by this oxygen atmosphere.

You know, like if you cut an apple in half it turns brown very quickly, well that is because it is being oxidized.

We have this anti-oxidant system within our body that prevents us from being oxidized.

Various different bugs have discovered that by making more oxidants, free radicals, that they are able to defeat our anti-oxidant system and so that is why we get sick.

Well, the ascorbate by augmenting our natural antioxidant systems and making them far more powerful than they ever were just naturally in nature,

then prevent this oxidation and so that is why we are able to prevent a lot of diseases with the massive doses of ascorbate that were otherwise not treatable before.”

How Vitamin C stops Free Radical damage

dr robert cathcart md 76 How Vitamin C stops Free Radical damage
Dr Robert Cathcart MD, describes how Vitamin C stops Free Radical damage.

“To partly understand how these massive doses of vitamin C work, one has to understand free radicals.
Free radicals are molecules that have lost an electron and they are very reactive because they want that electron back in the worst way,
and they will glom on to any other nearby molecule to join together, and when two molecules join together that should not join together,
then damage has been done.

Now, these free radicals mediate all inflammations, by that I mean, redness, swelling and pain.

Now, the ascorbate by being an electron donor or antioxidant neutralizes the free radicals
and so that is how it is able to knock out this inflammation.

I wrote this article, the three faces of vitamin C which tries to illustrate this point.

One of the difficulties that people have with understanding vitamin C is because it serves several functions.

First off, and the noncontroversial things is that vitamin C as a vitamin in tiny amounts prevents scurvy, is necessary for the build up of collagen and dentine and the function of the immune system and so forth, but just tiny amounts are needed to do that.
Well, so that just a few mg, maybe I think the recommended daily allowance is about 60 mg and that easily does all those vitamin C functions,

but then what happens when a person starts getting sick, or if they have any bugs in them, like a lot of people carry a little bit of Epstein-Barr virus or herpes six or candida.
Diseases like these create free radicals in the body which burn up the ordinary amount of vitamin C,
which means that you have to take a moderate dose to be able to make up for this in-dwelling formation of free radicals all the time.

These free radicals are aging and this slows down the aging process a little bit, but anyway that is the second face, is making up for this ordinary loss of vitamin C due to these free radicals with everyday living.

Then, finally, is that when you really get sick with a cold or a flu or something,
then the free radicals have overwhelmed the ascorbate in your body, and you are unable to produce enough electrons to keep refueling the vitamin C,
and so that is when you start getting sick.

Well, at this point, you can throw away ascorbic acid, where actually throwing away the vitamin C for the electrons carried.
You see most of the time the body is replacing the electrons that the ordinary doses of vitamin C lose in neutralizing free radicals,
but when we get sick, that ability of the body is overwhelmed, so then we have this enormous amount of free radicals that are formed when we are sick.
This is where the throwing away of ascorbic acid makes sense.

So we are actually throwing away all this vitamin C for the electrons carried, so people who say that we are just wasting it, and have the most expensive urine in town,
they don’t get the point, is the vitamin C perhaps is coming out in the urine to a certain extent, but it is minus the electrons, and the electrons then have neutralized the free radicals, and that is what causes the reversal of the symptoms of these infectious diseases.”

Oxidation VS Reduction

dr robert cathcart md 77 Oxidation VS Reduction

“Okay, there is this controversy about oxidation versus reduction in Orthomolecular Medicine right now and there are people who would seem to imply that ozone and peroxide directly cure bugs,
like they will give intravenous ozone and peroxide and you are picturing that it directly kills bugs inside the body, and I don’t think that is what is happening.

I think it stimulates various components of the immune system to somehow fire up the immune system to kills the bugs and so I don’t detract from the treatments at all.

I am just criticizing the reasons because this then has gotten over into how ascorbate works.

Now the way a white cells kills a bacteria is in a process called respiratory burst.

The white cell engulfs the virus bacteria, fungus or parasite in a vacuole
and then it take O2 or molecular oxygen and reduces it with a hydrogen forming peroxide
and the peroxide joins with water forming peroxide
and then that peroxide joins with chlorine to form hypochlorous acid
and this is excreted into the vacuole and kills the bacteria, fungus or parasite,
and then sometimes the white cell will like let loose with a broadside against a cancer cell

and all this, the killing power comes from this oxidation
which is originally formed by reduction which is just the complete oxygen,
but the opposite is that reduction of oxygen, so there is some confusion about this.

Now, when these oxidizing substances gets loose in the body they cause inflammation
and that is when there are free radicals and that is when the ascorbate as a reduction substance neutralizes those free radicals and cuts down on the inflammation.

I mean, the idea that you could give ozone and peroxide in concentrations sufficiently to directly kill the virus or bacteria within the body just per se I don’t think is right.

I think it stimulates the immune system somehow or other to do that, but the point is that this has made it so that they think that ascorbate is an oxidizing substance which it is not per se.

It is not an oxidizing substance, but it might provide the reducing power with which the white cells then convert the molecular oxygen in the superoxide and set this whole thing off.”


Dr. Robert Cathcart MD had successfully treated over 30,000 patients with very large doses of vitamin C, sometimes administering over 150,000 mg per day.

2008 Orthomolecular Hall of Fame Inductee Dr Robert Cathcart MD

Orthopedic surgeon Robert F. Cathcart III was the inventor of the Cathcart Elliptical Orthocentric Endoprosthesis, a replacement hip-ball joint still in widespread use today. Some physicians report it to be superior to other similar devices.

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